Make connections between women across countries!Finally, the analog communication project begins!

Hello.This is Sasaki from RICCI EVERYDAY.

Recently, the number of acquaintances traveling abroad has increased, and every time I look at SNS, I feel envious.I want to go abroad soon!Which country do you want to go to?

Well, this time, "Pen Friend Circle" in honor of overseas We are loved.I will introduce about "".

  1. Pen Friend Circle " We are loved.What is "?"?
  2. The 1st message
  3. Introduction of the 2nd project
  4. Finally

1.Pen Friend Circle " We are loved.What is "?"?

This is a project where customers and RICCI EVERYDAY's Ugandan staff send messages to each other.

Due to the travel restrictions in the Corona disaster, direct connections, especially across the country, have been reduced.

For the Ugandan women who make it, the happy messages from the customers and the feedback on the products were all, and it was also a motivation for monozukuri.

"It is sometimes helpful and supportive to exchange thoughts with each other."

In order to serve as a bridge between Uganda and Japan, we planned to convey the message from the customer and receive a reply message from the Uganda workshop staff.

This project was divided into 2 times, and the 3rd installment ended on the 1st month.

Representative Nakamoto about this projectThis columnPlease check it out because we have told you in detail.

2.The 1st message

The 1st part was to receive comments from customers on Instagram and tell them to the staff in Uganda.

We received many happy comments, and not only the Ugandan staff but also the Japanese staff felt warm.Thank you.

the message you received、InstaliveAt the workshop, I spoke with Carol, a staff member of the workshop, and shared some of her comments.

I decided to send a message over the phone due to radio waves, but I conveyed all the comments I received to the staff in Uganda after this.

I received a message of thanks from the staff, so I will introduce some of them here!


【From a Japanese customer】

the staff

I met Happy Hippo on TV.

It is "cute" at the same time as my mother💕It was something that I raised my voice.Happy Hippo did not reach my mother's hand, but seeing these children, I can smile at the memories that were fun with my mother.I am very grateful to have met these children.

Thank you for always nice work.There are more wonderful things that I do not want to say about products anymore, and my heart swells with expectation in the future.

I'm looking forward to the future.

【From Uganda】

We are so happy to hear from you and we are also glad that our products put smiles upon your faces. We appreciate your positive review about our wonderful products. That is  what keeps us going and making more beautiful products. We feel energized everytime we see a positive feedback........Thank You!!


【From Japanese customers様】

All of our staff.Thank you for always a nice bag.If you have a bag here, it is a proud bag that is always praised.We are looking forward to the wonderful things from now on.

[From Uganda staff]

The Pleasure is all mine Dear. Thank you too for your purchase. We have a variety of beautiful products and we hope that you come back soon to make more purchases with us. Lots of Love.


We will introduce a video of the thank you message on Instagram at a later date, so stay tuned!


The second edition will be conducted with "actual letter"!

Why don't you give each other handwritten messages because it is an era where people can easily connect with each other digitally?


【How to participate】

From 6/13 (Mon) to 6/30 (Thu), you will receive a round-trip postcard from RICCI EVERYDAY The Hill or from the online store.

Write a message on this postcard and post it to the post office.※30 days (Thursday) must arrive


Please write the delivery address of the postcard on the left side of this design side and a message on the right side (from Japan).

There is no need to have you mention it in particular on the design side of this from Uganda.

To the customer who sent the postcard by the due date, you will receive a handwritten message from the Uganda studio staff on RICCI EVERYDAY founding anniversary of 8/26.

You can also fill in Japanese, English, and Swahili in your preferred language.

If you wish, we will also send you a Japanese translation of the message from the Ugandan staff.


Restrictions on travel abroad have also been eased in recent years.Although you can also go to Uganda, why don't you feel free to connect with the staff and expand the circle of women?

We look forward to your participation!

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