Deliver Uganda souvenirs! Special lucky bag 2022


Hello, this is the day of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Recently, my wallet has become loose for limited items.

I did my best this year! It is a reward month (laughs)

Please enjoy the reward time for yourself.♪

Good news for such a reward month (laughs)! A lucky bag will appear on December 17 (Fri).

Lucky bags are like RICCI EVERYDAY lucky bags, and RICCI EVERYDAY products are random.

A lucky bag that can be very satisfying this year has arrived! !


Today, we first take the leading lucky bag that has been even more powerful than the last release! I would like to introduce you.

1. What is Lucky Bag 2022?

2. Lucky bag type

3. NEW! "Wear Set" and "Special Set"

Four. in conclusion

1. What is Lucky Bag 2022?

The concept of Lucky Bag 2022 is "Travel Uganda".

Many people could not go abroad in 2021. If you can feel a little overseas travel, you can enjoy the Uganda travel mood, it is a lucky bag that made it with that thought.

There is a craft that can only be bought locally, the craft of Uganda craftsmen's skills in any lucky bag. I hope you enjoy it like a travel souvenir from a friend.

2. Lucky bag type

It's still hot and I want to talk about the background of a lucky bag (laughs), but what I'm worried about is the contents of Uganda Craft and Lucky Bags!

This time, the following must -have items will be in all lucky bags. (Luxurious !!)


1. Uganda Craft

2. Paper bead accessories

3. Eco that was wrong

Four. I. Mask

Craft and paper beads are Uganda souvenirs for those who chose RICCI EVERYDAY representative, Nakamoto. I'm looking forward to which one will arrive♪



The mask that is still indispensable and the eco -friendly eco that has become secretly famous for Instagram (laughs) is also delivered! I am glad no matter how many shopping bags. It is a big and easy -to -use eco bag♪

In addition to the above must -have items, there are also accessories and bag items. (very!)

Click here for the lineup.

1. Each Achero series (red pink / blue, green / orange / yellow)

2. Accessories set (red pink / blue, green / orange / yellow)

3. Wear set

Four. Special set

Each Akero series and accessories set can be selected by color. Please choose your favorite color, the color you want to challenge, and various things.♪

Let's look at the image by color♪


(Example: Acheroyoko set / Orange / yellow tax included 19,800 yen)



(Example: Medium Akero Set / Red / Pink -based tax included 17,600 yen)


(Example: Akeropo Shet Set / Blue Green Tax included 14,300 yen)

The content is an example. I'm excited about what will arrive♪

So what is the contents of the wear set and the special set like! ?

3. NEW! "Wear Set" and "Special Set"

First attempt! Wear set and special set are available. The wear set is a lucky bag centered on clothes, with three clothes. (great!)


(Example: 33,000 yen including tax set)

It is easy to challenge as the first African clay clothes. In addition to clothes, accessories come with♪

So what is a special set?

The special is a special set packed with attractive products of RICCI EVERYDAY!

(Example: 55,000 yen including special set tax)

Akello Bag 4WAY, Kago bag, paper bead bag, clothes, leather bags ... ! ! Please enjoy the world view of RICCI EVERYDAY♪

(Please note that you cannot choose the color.)

Four. At the end

How was it? The lineup and amount are as follows. Since the number is limited, it is good to decide which lucky bag is good before the arrival on December 17 (Fri).♪

Then look forward to the arrival!

1. Akero Bag 4WAY including tax 19,800 yen

2. Acheroyoko set including tax 19,800 yen

3. Medium Aquero set included tax 17,600 yen

Four. Mini -kero set including tax 16,500 yen

Five. Akeropo Shet set including tax 14,300 yen

6. Accessories set 10,450 yen including tax

7. Wear set tax included 33,000 yen

8. Special set tax included 55,000 yen

Look at the product