For home and returning and cleaning! Travel bag pouch


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Christmas is approaching. What kind of Christmas do you plan to spend?

Christmas looks like a cloudy forecast. It may be cold, so please keep it warm.

By the way, this time, we introduce "Travel Bag Pouch" which arrived online store last Friday.

1. What is a travel bag pouch?

2. Size deployment

3. Storage method

Four. At the end

1. What is a travel bag pouch?

The travel bag pouch is a storage bag that is developed in three sizes.

Not only can you store clothes and underwear, but you can see your feelings brighter when you see them, and you can divide them inside depending on the pattern.

It is good to have the same pattern ◎, it is a good bag to enjoy a different pattern.♪

Perfect for returning home and cleaning at the end of the year!

2. Size deployment

There are three sizes: S, M, L. I will introduce what kind of size it is from a large size!

I want to put a lot of things! Recommended L size for those who say.

How much will you enter ...


Cosmetic pouch L, sweater, shoes with plenty of goods (By the way, this is a new one that I purchased for the gym but never turned (laughs))

Even if you put it in this way, there is still a gap at the end, so you can put a lot of things that are good.

The biggest point of this travel bag pouch isheight.

Because it is high, you can put it in many layers.

Here is a state where the chuck is closed with a more jacket on the thing above.


The mouth can be opened quickly, so it is easy to take out the contents.

It is a "right" size that is large in L size and small in S size.

Compared to L size, it is like this size.


It is almost a small size feeling.

When I put the same shoes and sweaters as before, ...



It is good.

I was able to put a cube pouch in addition.

The height is as much as the L size, so I could afford to put the jacket on top.♪


S -size recommended for those who want to put together more compactly.

It is like this size compared to M size.


The width itself is not much different from M size.


Put one shoe and sweater and it is perfect.

There was still room for the height, and I was able to put a jacket on it.


You can put things in a lot of things, so you can put things together compactly.

It is an item that is very active when returning home or cleaning at the end of the year! !

3. Storage method

The last point of the travel bag pouch isYou can make a cute storageBy the way!

If the inside of travel bags such as suitcases becomes colorful, the tension will rise.

You can store things cute when you use it at home!


It's cute to arrange it like this,


It's cute even if you stack it!

It will brighten the house as an interior as well as a storage bag.♪

Four. At the end

How was the introduction of a travel bag pouch?

By all means online storeTravel bag pouchPlease check it out from the page!

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