A new bag that allows you to enjoy "trend x yourself"!

Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

It's Christmas Eve today. Those who are families, loved ones, friends, those who spend the same time as usual, and those who work ... I hope that it will be a wonderful Christmas Eve for everyone and Christmas.♪

By the way, in this column, we will introduce the hottest new product "Print Petit Bag" that arrived at the online store on December 24 (Fri) today.


1. What is a print petit bag?

2. capacity

3. Various uses

Four. in conclusion

1. What is a print petit bag?


Print Petit bag / ¥ 4,950 (tax included)

W30cm x H16cm x D6cm

The trendy shoulder bag was created with a colorful African print unique to RICCI EVERYDAY.

The fashionable appearance is Pikaichi! It is a delicious and delicious bag that can appeal to "personality" with African plastic while incorporating trends.

In addition, the shoulder bag, which is characterized by a semi -moon type, is a standard shape in a trend, so you can use it for a long time.

2. capacity

Printed bags are about 30 cm wide and are about the same as medium Akero. There are 6 cm gusset, so surprisingly many things are included.


The characteristics of the RICCI EVERYDAY bag and the inner pocket are also firmly attached.


Inner pocket with a sense of size that can enter your wallet! The contents can be stored neatly.

3. Various uses

The strap of the handle can be removed.



If you remove the strap, you can use it as a clutch bag, bag -in -bag, or pouch.

The fabric contains batting, so it protects the thing inside it from the impact.♪It is perfect for putting gadgets that tend to fall apart in large bags.

In addition, the length of the strap can be easily adjusted, so you can use it with your favorite length.


It looks elegant if you hold the side longer and make it fluttering.♪

When wearing a thick outer, it may be easier to use the strap.


It's nice to make it a mix style with an elegant feeling according to the casual style.♪

Four. in conclusion

How was the new product "Print Petit Bag"?

The online store is available in popular, new patterns, and patterns that appear after a long time! pleaseHerePlease check it out.

Daikanyama directly managed stores will be sold tomorrow from December 25 (Sat). You can see the real thing, so please come to the directly managed store.♪

* Open within the year will be on Sunday, December 26, and the new year will be on Saturday, January 8th.

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