Introducing the Akero Box next January issue a little earlier!


Hello everyone. I'm Hashimoto of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Christmas is over, and 2021 is finally a few days. It is early….

Have you finished cleaning at the end of the year? I was ready for the New Year to end the cleaning and discarding of my room!

When the room is clean, it is refreshing and your feelings calm down. In 2022, I want to try to create a more comfortable space ... (and I want a dresser ... (laughs)).

By the way, today we will introduce the contents of the Akero box in the January 2022 issue. In 2022, we will deliver the contents that you can enjoy. Thank you very much.

table of contents

1.5 + 1 SENSES January issue

2. Drink

3. Burkinafaso dry mango

Four. Calendar card for February

Five. Enjoyed monthly gift!

6. lastly

1.5 + 1 SENSES January issue 

In the 5 + 1 Senses January issue, we will feature "War orphan Day".

Every year, January 6 is said to be "War orphan Day". War orphans refers to children who have lost their parents in the war.

Although it is not very familiar in Japan, there are still many war orphans in the world.

Here are some of the Uganda children's soldiers after "War orphans".


Picha, a Happy Hippo producer, who is already familiar with RICCI EVERYDAY, was once a child soldier. In the January issue, I wrote about the story of Picha's childhood to the present.

I would be glad if I could think about child soldiers and war orphans through Picha's story.

2. Drink

A new drink will join the herbal tea set in the Akero Box January issue!

In the past herbal tea set, we have delivered three types of butterfly pity, hibiscus tea, and lemongrass, but this time "Kenya Tea" is new!



Strictly speaking, it is not a herbal tea, but from the customer, "I wish there would be herbal tea and tea with a mellow taste in addition to sour herbal tea ..." became.

Because it is a tea with rich and umami, it is recommended to add milk and drink it into milk tea!

This tea is made without pesticides, so it is gentle on the body.

Please look forward to this tea (herbal tea) set!

For the coffee set, we will deliver a letter from Uganda's coffee, "Letters arrived from the lakeside". This flavor will be delivered after a long time.


Various rivers flowing from the headwaters of Nile in the northwestern part of Uganda are coffee that grew on the lake shore.

I would be glad if you could feel the atmosphere of Uganda through coffee.

3. Burkinafaso dry mango

This month's dried fruit is a dry mango from Burkina Faso.

Previously, Hashimoto did a mango food repo on Instagram, but this mango is very gorgeous and delicious!

As soon as you put it in your mouth, you can see that the scent comes out of your nose.

I received the impression from the customer, "I understand that the scent is gorgeous!"

The concept of mango will change, so please look forward to it.

4. Calendar card for February

Until now, the calendar card has been drawn mainly to people modeled by Japanese women, but this time, the illustration of Ugand staff is a model.


The calendar card in February depicts Susan. Apparently, he's chatting with someone in his hand with something like Kiki on his knees ...!

If you look at the illustration, you will be relaxed. It will be healed.

By all means, please decorate it on the wall of your room or put it in your notebook.

Five. Enjoyed monthly gift

Many customers said, "I want a bead key chain" and "I like a cute key ring."

So, the monthly gift of the January issue will deliver the Masai bead key chain! (Crackling!)

Shazam! ! I want to take a picture, but I am currently delivering to Japan and I am not able to take photos. Sorry.

When Ugunda staff went to buy, I would like to put photos taken with a smartphone instead.

(Later, I will post a beautifully taken photo here.)


A key chain that combines leather and beads. I think it's okay to attach it to your home key, pouch, or to the Akero bag series.

I am looking forward to seeing what kind of key chain will arrive! If you arrive, please let me know what kind of color it was.♪

6. lastly

What did you think?

We have many customers love the Akero Box in 2021, and we are happy.

The Akero Box is still in trial and error, but in 2022 we will do our best to deliver better things.

Then everyone, please have a good year.

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