Let's enjoy mask life colorfully with African plastic!

Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Happy new year. What kind of New Year did you spend? I was able to gather with my family after a long time and spend a slow time!

By the way, in the first column this year, I would like to introduce the "mask case" that was restocked to the online store on January 7 (Fri) the other day.

It seems that my mask life will continue a little more ... let's enjoy yourself colorful and more!


Mask case / ¥ 2,860 (tax included)

Previous columnBut the mask case introduced in detail. This time, we will introduce uses other than putting the mask and the great campaigns!

1. Various uses


3. in conclusion

1. Various uses

The RICCI EVERYDAY mask case has a pocket on one side, folded in half and stopped with a snap button.

You can use something other than the mask in the pocket and use it like a mini pouch.


The pocket has a solid depth, so the contents did not pop out even if I put small ones. (Please pay attention to the orientation of the stick -shaped object!)


Wet tissue and pocket tissue also fit perfectly. There was room to put small items such as lips.

It can also be used as a card case.


If you notice point cards, your wallet tends to be bun ... this will be refreshing in your wallet.♪



RICCI EVERYDAY has a "ENJOY YOUR MASK! Color Your Mask!" Campaign for a limited time from 2022/1/7 (Fri) to 2022/1/31 (Mon).

This campaign will be implemented with the desire to enjoy not only the mask case but also the mask as well as the mask case. By purchasing 3 or more points from the mask case and I / mask, the checkout will be 5 % off.

Why don't you enjoy the mask yourself with a colorful African plinting item?


(If you purchase one I / mask, one mask will be donated to Uganda through the certified NPO Terra Renaissance.)


The campaign pageHere



3. in conclusion


How was it?

"Mask case" is a convenient item that can be used as a mini pouch or card case. It is a recommended item for gifts.

Please take this opportunity at a great price.♪



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