Change your wallet in one thousands of times. Perfect for cashless! Travelpers

Hello, this is the day of RICCI EVERYDAY.

The new year has started! Many people are spending a new feeling.

Is there anything new for New Year?

You've been told for a long time that you should change your wallet in the new year. Now that it is perfect for replacement, I would like to introduce RICCI EVERYDAY's travel perspective.♪


Travelpers / 3,520 yen (tax included)

1. What if you actually put money? Perfect for cashless

2. size

3. When should I change it?

4. At the end

1. What if you actually put money? Perfect for cashless

The capacity of your wallet is very important. I basically shop with a card, so I think the point is how much the card is.

I usually carry a card case and a mini wallet. I replaced the contents of my wallet with a travelpers.



All the cards that were divided into two have subsided. Surprised to be surprising!

Click here for the contents

・ 3 credit cards

・ 4 cash cards


·Health insurance card

・ My Number Card

·member card

・ 3 paper point cards

I was able to store 14 cards! The 11 of them are thick cards like credit cards, so they are perfect for those with many cards.


Since the coin purse is small, it is ◎ for a change of coin purse.

Because the front is easy to open, it is easy to get bills.


Recommended for those who shop in cashless and those who want to have only bills.

2. size

Although it is a feeling of worrisome size, it is a small and compact size.

Click here for a photo along with the iPhone8 (a smartphone that is often the case)

Size: W10cm x H8 cm X D1cm (Open about 25cm. There are some individual differences due to handmade)



It is easy to have a smartphone and a wallet together. It's good when you go out with a small bag.


3. When should I change my wallet?

What is worrisome is the timing to change. Personally, one thousands of times is recommended!

One thousands of times means that "one grain paddy (fir) is fruitful and a fine rice ear."

If you want to increase your money or raise your fortune, you often buy a wallet or start using it on this day.♪

The new year 2022, one thousand times, is January 14 (Fri), 23rd (Sun) and 26 (Wed). Please try to reference♪

4. At the end

How was it. Travel Perth is a useful item for cashless life in the corona. please,Online sitePlease check it out.

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