As a storage item from everyday use. Important dissection of the charm of Mia Pouch♡

Hello, this is Sasaki of RICCI EVERYDAY.

New Year is over, next Valentine♡This year, I'm worried about what to buy for myself.

How do you spend the Valentine season?

By the way, this time we will introduce plenty of Mia pouch that arrived at the online store after a long absence! Finally, we will introduce a new pattern so don't miss it!

1. What is Mia Pouch?

2. L size use example

3. Example of M size

Four. S -size use example

Five. At the end

1. What is Mia Pouch?

It is a box -shaped pouch and has three sizes, S, M, and L. When you don't use it, you can keep it like a matryoshka (laughs).


(From the front)Mia Pouch S(2,420 yen)/ Mia Pouch M(2,970 yen)/ Mia Pouch L(3,520 yen)

In addition, the M size and L size have a tab that can be hooked sideways, so it can be used as a hanging storage case.


↑ Hanging and tissue case ◎

Let's take a look at how much of each size will enter.

2. L size use example

This is about this if you have an L size.


W28cm x H16cm x D11cm is large, so you can store shoes!

It can also be used to use it like a medicine box or hang a hand towel and hang it in a washroom.



2. Example of M size

The size is W16cm x H12cm x D11cm.


The shop is used as a hand paper holder for the restroom.

In addition, it is recommended to put stationery cases and stock skin care products.


It looks like it will still enter (laughs)

Four. S -size use example


S size isBecause it is W13cm x H10cm x D8cm, it is a big success as a organizing pouch of the bag!

As a gadget case for everyday use.



In addition to PCs and smartphones chargers, it seems that it can be used as a storage pouch of electronic cairo and portable humidifiers in this season.

It can also be used as an etiquette pouch when traveling.


5.At the end

Finally, I will introduce the patterns arrived at the online store today. In addition to the two patterns that appeared in the photo, the following patterns are introduced.

* The photo is L size. All sizes with the same pattern are available.


In addition, Mia Pouch is also sold at Daikanyama's directly managed store. We accept delivery by telephone or DM, so please feel free to contact us.

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