I just want to collect♡Popular animal key chain reappears!

Hello, this is Sasaki of RICCI EVERYDAY.

I'm not sure about the expansion of Corona's infection, but how are you all spending?

This time, we will introduce a very popular animal key ring that will brighten your feelings!

There are two types of leather and cloth, so please compare them.

1. Leather key chain

2. Fabric key chain

3. Introducing some of the arrived patterns

1. Leather key chain / ¥ 1,100 (tax included)

A familiar animal leather key ring! The front is leather and the back is African plint.

It is a product made by hand sewing one by one by the women's leather craft groups of Uganda's "BREESERA".


You can put it in a bag or decorate it in your room!


By the way, when I bought one, I wanted other things, and I completed all kinds of leather key chains (laughs)

We asked Akane Yoshino, representative of Bereesera, about the workshop where women who make such a key chain work and the thoughts in the product.


[State of workshop]

Q1. What kind of person is making it? What is the workshop?

Currently, 4-5 Uganda women are hand -sewing leather products. Unmarried, married, and bright women. Before I was involved in making things with Bereesera, women who have never done such a job and have no regular jobs. In addition, Japanese volunteers are in charge of planning products, making patterns, teaching how to make, and procuring materials and tools.

The studio moved to a small rental house in Campara at the end of August last year. I use two small rooms in this house. We mainly work in one room and store leather, cloth and tools in another room. There is also a mattress that lays down the staff of the staff.

Photo provision: Bereesera


[About the product]

Q2. Are there any combinations such as leather colors, African plints, and stitches?


We try to cut out cloth parts by considering the places where the African plastic pattern shines so that each animal's costume looks unique. If it is well attached along the shape of the animal, the Uganda staff will be happy while saying "Kawaii". The color of the stitch is selected while considering the contrast with the leather from the color of the African print.


Q3. This is a question I received from the customer, but for the buttocks of elephants and gorillas.♡Is there any reason why it is not on the shobyokou even though it is on?


There is no deep reason, but according to the volunteer who designed me, "I thought it would be better to add a heart to the gorilla or hippo's buttocks, so it was just a big torso, so I should add an accent. It's just. I didn't want a heart because I wanted to make it smart. "


Q4. I would be glad if you could give a message from Japanese customers.

There are a lot of people who like our animal key chain, which is a great encouragement of creating wonderful products. Each animal key ring isThe existence of only oneis. The combination of animal facial expressions, leather colors, African fabric patterns, and thread colors have infinite fun. I hope you find the only one for you and feel the Uganda and Africa in your daily life as much as possible.


2. Fabric key chain / ¥ 1,320 (tax included)

This is,"Nantongo ProjectA specified non -profit corporation that supports Uganda women's independence through dolls is working on making it.

There are two types: chimpanzies and shobilokou, but the colors of the African plastic lints and beads that all use are different, so please find your favorite animals!


There are three points on this key chain.

・ Healed with fluffy touch

・ Use Berk Cross for the legs of the shobirokou!

・ Eco with African plinting and used clothes sweater


Please enjoy the cute key chain that is MADE IN UGANDA☻

3. Introducing some of the arrived patterns

Here are some of the patterns and colors that have arrived at the online store today.


Gorilla key holder (¥ 1,100)


Elephant key holder (¥ 1,100)


Shibiroko Leather Keychain (¥ 1,100)


Kabaki holder (¥ 1,100)


Chimpanzie keys holder (¥ 1,320)


Shibiroko Fabric Keychain (¥ 1,320)

In addition, various leather, cloth colors and patterns are available.

All of them are one point, so please worry a lot and find your favorite animals!

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