Why "Naroho Bag" is so popular ... digging its charm!

Hello, this is the day of RICCI EVERYDAY.

The other day, I was shooting products with spring -conscious. I feel like the new season will come soon, and a new life may start? I am expecting my chest.

By the way, a popular item that can be used for such a new life,NAWOLOVU Naroho bagI would like to introduce you.

Naroho bag, frankly. It's very popular! (Laughs) It will be sold out immediately, so there is no staff who could buy it yet (laughs)

Today I want to approach the charm of Naroho bag!


(NAWOLOVU Naroho bag 30,800 yen)



1. The charm of the Naroho bag that you can see when used

2. What is the appeal of appearance?

3. At the end

1. The charm of the Naroho bag that you can see when you use it

Regarding the thoughts hidden in the Naroho bag, I wrote by the representative NakamotocolumnPlease take a look!

When purchasing a leather bag, many people are often examined. I would like to actually put in things and see the usability ... so I actually put it in and checked it!

First, pocket. There are pockets on both sides.


One side is a pocket divided into two. The key case, AirPods, and card case are perfectly included. It ’s good for smartphones♪


The depth of the pocket was 12cm! (The diameter of the CD is about 12cm.)

The point here is that the leather is sewn at the top of the pocket, making it easy to put in and out! (Nice detailed commitment!)

Another side.


This contains a wallet and sweets. Because it has a chuck, you can put it when you remove the accessories.♪


This depth is 18cm. B6 vertical length is perfect!

This is also a durable because the chuck part is leather.♪

The luggage you need for work will fit well.


It seems to be still entering!

By the way, here is what you put in. (Other than pockets)

MacBookAir (13inch), multi -case, makeup pouch, mask case, handkerchief, eco -bag, drink / lunch bag (rice ball)

Business materials, iPads, and pencils can be entered with plenty of time. Because the leather is light, it is perfect for work bags that make your luggage heavy.



African plinting when opened can also be used for small talk of business talks ... wonderful ... (laughs)



It is exciting not only for the colorful inside but also for the set storage bag♪

2. What is the appeal of appearance?

The contents are also attractive, but the appearance is cute! Let's look at leather up close!


When it hits the light, the glossiness stands out very much! When you touch it, it's smooth!

A circle that means peace is made from the horns of cows, so it is also characterized by different colors one by one.

We have received the following comments from our customers.☆

"I like" taste ", which is different from plastic, with quality and glossy shells. It's nice to open it right away because there is no zipper or button, but it won't open with the weight of the cow horn! "


You can show the African plint from the end, enjoy the texture of the leather, enjoy the color of the cow horns.

3. At the end

How was it. I would be glad if Naroho Bag was popular why it was popular.

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