You can enjoy it without putting a bottle! Introduction of bottle case

Hello, this is Takatsuki of RICCI EVERYDAY.

It's time for Setsubun. Do you guys sow beans or eat Ehomaki?

I use beans every year at my house! I am looking forward to this year.

By the way, in today's column, I will tell you the charm of a bottle case that appeared in the online store for the first time in about a year.♪

1. What is a bottle case?

2. Example of use

3. At the end

1. What is a bottle case?

As the name suggests, it is a case to put a bottle! It is an item that you can put in a vase as well as a wine bottle and my bottle!


Bottle case / ¥ 1,980 (tax included)


Compared to the cube pouch, it is so size feeling.


There is a gusset in this way.


2. Example of use

① As a wine bottle case

It may be good to wrap it in this bottle case when giving a wine bottle.

Since it can be used as a My bottle case after receiving it, how about a sustainable gift?

② As a My bottle case


Recommended usage for those who carry My Bottle.

It is safe if you put a My Bottle cover even if the contents of the bag get wet with condensation when you put a cold drink in my bottle.♪

In addition, you can easily change the atmosphere of my bottle, so it is recommended when you want to change your mind.

③ Decoration of vases and interiors


Just put it in an empty glass bottle, it will be a stylish interior item in a blink of an eye.

It's cute even if you put a vase!


The point of the bottle case is that it can be adjusted to the size of the thing by folding it back because it is made of cloth.

3. At the end

Finally, I will show the pattern that will be arrived this time.


There are still many other patterns, so please check it out!

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