[Limited product] Message Eco -What are the thoughts included in "Color, Power."

Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

It's in February ... It's January when there were many cold days, but recently it feels like the cold is relieved. I'm always waiting for spring, but will it get cold again in February ...

By the way, in this column, we will introduce "Message Eco" Color, Power. " In addition, I will also tell you the thoughts of "color, Power.", And the brand concept.

1. Message Eco "Color, Power."

2. What is "color, Power."

3. in conclusion

1. Message Eco "Color, Power."


Message Eco "Color, Power." / ¥ 3,080 (tax included)

An eco bag with a message that is also a brand concept of RICCI EVERYDAY called “color, Power.”.

The size is W40cm x H40cm.

It is a square, making it a wide range of things. A4 size is also easy.


Because it has no lining, it is small and convenient to carry. Perfect for a sub -bag on the day with a small bag!

It is sure to be a big success as a main bag and a sub -bag.

2. What is "color, Power."

By the way, "Color, Power." It is also a brand concept of RICCI EVERYDAY.

What is the thought in this “color, power.” Message?

Nakamoto, the representative of RICCI EVERYDAY, has previously described his thoughts on the column. →Color, Power.


When you choose clothes, you've never thought, "I wonder if this color is too flashy ..." "I really want to wear it, but I don't think it's floating in everyone ..." Is it?

I used to be one of the people who thought like that.

Originally, he would have loved something different from people and colorful things, but as he grew up, he was involved in pace with trends and his surroundings.

However, when I was tired of such trends and myself, RICCI EVERYDAY ""I like" rather than "preferred".I remember that I met the word and sympathized intensely.

"With the energy brought by color, power to yourself!"

By wearing the colors you like, you can regain your pride without losing sight of yourself. It gives us the power that makes you think, "You don't have to match your surroundings. You can be yourself."

“COLOR The word "Power." Has the desire to deliver such an experience to everyone!


3. in conclusion

By wearing your favorite colors and bright colors, you can gain confidence in yourself. The color gives us enough power to bounce the surrounding eyes. By all means, please feel the energy of the color and the power "color, Power."

As the first step, "Message Eco" Color, Power. "" Is highly recommended. Colorful African plints and "color, power." Messages will give you power.♪

→ The pattern of the message Eco isHerefrom

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