Wrap love and send it! Introducing "Thanks with Love Furoshiki Wrapping Set"

Hello everyone. I'm Hashimoto of RICCI EVERYDAY. How are you?

Today, February 4th (Friday) is "Ritsuharu" on the calendar. Spring is coming little by little after the cold winter! And 10 days later, we will celebrate "Valentine's Day".

What are your memories of Valentine's Day? I remember that I was just making sweets and exchanging them with my friends during the girls' school. I got a lot, so everyone said, "I don't have to worry about sweets for a week!"

By the way, RICCI EVERYDAY has prepared a perfect gift set for the White Day from Valentine's Day this year. It has arrived on the online store today from February 4 (Fri).

This time, I will introduce that in detail. There are plenty of RICCI EVERYDAY colorful and energetic items and limited sweet sweets!

table of contents

1. Name it! "Thanks with Love Furoshiki Wrapping Set"

1-1. Message Eco "Color, Power."

1-2. Healing animal key chain

2. A sweet time with an organic cacao chocolate from Uganda.

3. lastly

1. Name it! "Thanks with Love Furoshiki Wrapping Set"

The gift set this time is "Thanks with Love Furoshi Wrapping Set"!


Thanks with Love Furoshiki Wrapping Set / ¥ 5,280 (tax included)

In modern times, I think there are various forms of love. Love for lovers, love for friends, love for families, love for pushing, love for yourself, etc. ...

The purpose of this gift set is to convey the gratitude in that "love".

And this "Thanks with Love Furoshi Wrapping Set" is exactly what you want to wrap and deliver that love in the African plastic furoshiki.

You can enjoy the fusion of the culture of Japan (furoshiki) and the culture of Africa (Africa).

When you open the furoshiki, you will find a "delicious" item in "colorful"! (Wow ~~)

Then, I will introduce the contents of the fun in detail.

1-1. Message Eco "Color, Power."

The first is the popular message "color, Power."


This is an eco -bag that prints RICCI EVERYDAY tagline "" Color, Power. ""

It contains the desire to make the vivid color of African plinting your own power and make your own color.


If you wear something with such a message, you will feel better and confident.

African plints are often vivid and bright, but some have calm tones. Just like there are various colors of African plints, humans are the same.

It is also recommended to choose the pattern of the message Eco with the image of the person who gives it. (Of course, for yourself!)

1-2. Healing animal key chain

A super cute animal key chain that follows African animals is also a set.

There are three types of animal key chains:


・ Lactor


When you attach it to a messaging Eco or bag, it looks like a partner☆

Please choose your favorite child.


By the way, my favorite is gorilla.

2. A sweet time with an organic cacao chocolate from Uganda.

Sweets are still indispensable to Valentine's Day and White Day. So, this set also attached delicious sweets.

NOOKS FOODS's cocoa chocolate is delivered.


Actually, this cacao is a cacao made in Farm of Africa, a cohabitant living together in Uganda, RICCI EVERYDAY representative, Chitsu Nakamoto!

Here are some photos of Farm of Africa cacao.


(Provided by Farm of Africa)

This is a cacao fruit. It's so bright! I thought, "There was a pattern of an African plint like this cacao fruit."



I can only see it as a cacao fruit pattern (laughs)

Aside from that ...

And the cocoa beans in the photo below came out of this fruit.


(Provided by Farm of Africa)

(Regarding FarM of Africa, we will list in detail in the booklet in the February issue of the Akero Box. We hope that we can introduce it in the column!).

This cacao is a sweets coated with dark chocolate from France. I tasted this a little earlier♪


If you put it in your mouth and chew, the scent of cacao will spread fluffy. Later, the sweetness of dark chocolate comes out, and the aftertaste is a clean adult chocolate. It seems to be suitable for wine and other alcohol.

It's very delicious, so please look forward to it!

3. lastly

How was the introduction of the "Thanks with Love Furoshi Wrapping Set"?

Although it is a world where it is still not well, I hope that you can feel a little bright with the "Thanks with Love Furoshi Wrapping Set". I hope that RICCI EVERYDAY can deliver such a chance with "love".


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