The long -awaited collaboration! Deliver the whole picture

Hello, this is Takatsuki of RICCI EVERYDAY.

It's Valentine in a week♪Supermarkets and department stores are all Valentine's Day, so I just buy chocolate (laughs)

By the way, today we will introduce collaboration products with student groups, TFT-UA, which are sold at Daikanyama directly managed stores for a limited time.♪

You can also buy it at Rakuten Ichiba!


1. About collaboration

2. What is TFT-UA?

3. Relationship between TFT and RICCI EVERYDAY

Four. interview

5.At the end

1. About collaboration

This collaboration is a joint development of Old Works Frontier, which aims to be an apparel business as a bridge that contributes to society, and our RICCI EVERYDAY planning.

Rakuten Shop operated by Old Works Frontier Co., Ltd. of Tote bags, card cases, and handkerchiefs"W.R.K"And it is sold at RICCI EVERYDAY Daikanyama directly managed store.

Every time you purchase one point, you will be donated 100 yen, and you will be lunch for children in developing countries through "Talbe for Two International".

2. What is TFT-UA?

TFT-UA is an abbreviation of "Table for Two UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATION". A student group that agreed with the philosophy of Table for Two (hereinafter TFT).

With the concept of "children in developed countries and developing countries share meals", TFT has solved global food imbalances, and simultaneously improves the health of developing and developed countries. I am working on the mission.


3. Relationship between TFT and RICCI EVERYDAY

In fact, there is a deep connection between RICCI EVERYDAY and TFT!

It is this TFT that the representative, Nakamoto, was an internship when he was a graduate school.

Through this internship, I came up with RICCI EVERYDAY, thinking, "I want to start a business by the age of 30 in Africa."

Due to such a connection, it led to a collaboration with TFT student groups this time.♪



As a gorgeous three-party product, we interviewed TFT-UA and Old Works this time!



Q. What was hard to proceed with the project

TFT-UA / Apparel Collaboration member

 "In terms of product devising, it was difficult to have an unfamiliar work, such as design and fabric decision, but we repeatedly examined it to make it more attractive with advice from apparel companies.

In terms of the public relations side of the product, it was difficult to think about the design of a POP / poster that would attract attention while matching the atmosphere of the product.

I thought about what kind of color scheme and what kind of information was listed. "



Q. Points that left the impression in this collaboration & the significance of collaboration

Old Works Kajiyama

"I didn't know that there was such an organization until this collaboration.

It was a very good experience that this collaboration triggered TFT-UA. I am also glad that the generation near a college student is doing what kind of activities are doing.

In fact, as I looked up, I became interested in the business content, which also made me buy a bag of African plint. "



Q. Who do you want to pick up this collaboration product?

TFT-UA / Apparel Collaboration member

"I want everyone who wants to add vivid colors to everyday life, and everyone who is interested in SDGs and international contributions."

Old Works Kajiyama

"I want young generations who do not know about the activities of TFT-UA to be picked up.

The mainstream is to send and communicate on SNS in this era, and as the younger generation is increasing in the world, the number of opportunities to know about SDGs is increasing, so first of all, we can send products from different perspectives. I want you to have it.

In addition, I would like people who do not usually carry patterns to be incorporated as part of fashion that gives individuality, and spread it to those who are familiar with it. "

5.At the end

How was it?

Products can be purchased at Rakuten Ichiba or Daikanyama direct store.

Please check out what products are available.♪

See the product


Table for Two official website

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Old Works Frontier Co., Ltd.

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