Uganda organic cacao! Akero Box February Is a happy home time

Hello everyone. I'm Hashimoto of RICCI EVERYDAY. The temperature difference of temperature is still going on, but how are you guys?

How did you spend this year's Valentine? I just saw the half -time show of a super ball in the United States on the 14th of Japan time, and I completely forgot about Valentine's Day (laughs).

The New Year has passed, Setsubun, Valentine, Super Ball Half Time Show, etc., have ended a big event, and some people want to take a break.

For such people, the Akero Box February issue is recommended. He / she will make the house time in meaningful.

This time, I will introduce the contents of the February issue of Akero Box.

table of contents

1. Deliver chocolate using Uganda cacao

2. Drink introduction

3.5 + 1 SENSES February issue -The secret of Uganda cacao ...! -

Four. Monthly Gift -Banana Paper Message Card-

Five. Calendar card March

6. lastly

1. Deliver chocolate using Uganda cacao

Every month, we deliver dried fruits using African fruits, but in the February issue we will deliver chocolate in connection with Valentine's Day.


Uganda's organic cacao is a "cacao chocolate" with dark chocolate from France.


It is a body -friendly chocolate that is carefully made one by one. It features an adult flavor that is not too sweet. The scent of cacao is also fragrant and has an elegant taste.

2. Drink introduction

The Akero box offers a drink every month, and you can choose from a set of coffee and a set of herbal tea and tea.


(Akero Box African Coffee Set with African Plint)


(Akero Box with African Plint His Herb Tea Set)

Please choose your favorite drink set.

In the coffee set, you can use Uganda coffee. This coffee is fragrant, and it goes well with the chocolate introduced earlier! Recommended for those who like "adult taste".


In the herbal tea set, this time we will deliver Rooibos from Kenya.


It is a drink that goes well with chocolate, with no habit, has a clean taste.

I would be glad if you could spend the time to take a break with chocolate and coffee and herbal tea.

3.5 + 1 SENSES February issue -The secret of Uganda cacao ...! -

RICCI EVERYDAY original booklet, "5+1 SENSES".


This month's theme is "Valentine", so in the special section, we interviewed the outside for the first time and wrote an article!

This time, we interviewed Asami Okano, the representative of Farm of Africa, which is used for the chocolate introduced earlier, cultivating and processing Uganda cacao.


(The second photo is provided by Asami Okano Farm of Africa)

In fact, there is an interesting connection to live with Mr. Okano and Uganda with our representative Nakamoto. (smile)

As a Valentine, I would like to ask Mr. Okano about his starting business in Uganda and his encounter with her Nakamoto.

In addition, we asked about how they communicate with local staff, various topics, such as cacao characteristics, cultivation and processing methods.


(Provided by Cacao Farm of Africa)


(Provided by cacao peeling work scenery FARM OF AFRICA)

At the time of the interview, despite being a busy time, I was willing to take the interview and talked a lot.

It has become a special feature with plenty of content. If you read the special feature and eat chocolate, the taste may change again.

Please enjoy it…!

Four. Monthly Gift -Banana Paper Message Card-

This month's monthly gift. Banana paper message card!


Banana paper, as the name implies, is a paper made from bananas. I often see it in Uganda.


We will deliver one message card with cute animals and patterns. You can decorate your room or use it as a card to send to your loved ones. Please use it.

Five. Calendar card March

Click here for illustrations of this month's calendar card.


This time, the picture of Hime -chan, an idol dog in Uganda Kobo, is drawn ...!

Hime -chan's characteristic, cow -like pattern and big ears are the key.♪

If you connect to the illustration of the calendar for February delivered in the January issue, it will be one picture.

6. lastly

How was this month's Akero box?

Akero box also sells trial flights. Some people purchase Akero box as a gift, so by all meansonline storePlease take a look. In addition, we also accept gift wrapping on trial flights.

I hope the house time will be colored a little through the Akero box ...

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