Great discovery of the century! ? The cushion cover quickly turns into a convenient item!

Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

February was approaching the second half. It's still cold, but there are moments when the sun feels warm and warm, so I feel like the signs of spring are gradually starting to see.

In this column, we will introduce the "cushion cover" that arrived at the online store today on February 17 (Fri). Would you like to change the pattern with a bright African print item according to the seasonal change?

In addition, there was a great discovery of the century (!?) That can be used not only as an interior item, but also as a storage item, so I would like to introduce it together! Please enjoy it to the end♪


1. Cushion Cover

2. As a storage item

3. in conclusion

1. Cushion Cover


Cushion cover / ¥ 4,180 (tax included)

* The contents of the cushion are sold separately.

A cushion cover of African plinting that makes the atmosphere of the room bright just by putting it. Place it on the sofa or bedside and color the relaxing time at home colorfully.


Actually, I love collecting cushion covers, and I have carefully selected my favorite and put them on the bedside, but recently the RICCI EVERYDAY cushion cover has joined!


It is surprisingly familiar with other colorful patterns and it feels good!

Enjoy the coordination of your room by getting into this colorful item or even a simple interior accent. The colorful African plint makes you feel bright not only in your room but also for your heart.

2. As a storage item

The RICCI EVERYDAY cushion cover can be used not only as an interior item but also as a storage item. I would like to introduce some of the ideas that are scaled from my eyes.

In addition to the cute colorful pattern, it is quite large, so you will definitely be active all over the house!

① Akero bag storage bag


The size of the cushion cover is W45cm x H45cm. Aquero bag 4WAY (W38cm x H40cm) is perfectly included.

It seems to be good to store akero bags with different sizes together.

② Bag to put clothes


Perfect for putting clothes when changing clothes, traveling, or going to the gym. Because it is cotton, it is also recommended that breathability is good.

Put the used clothing on the trip, and when you return, you can do something in the washing machine as it is ...!

③ Stock bag for daily necessities


You can also store daily necessities stocks that tend to be put in cardboard boxes!


You can also close the zipper. Insanely excellent.


It tends to have a sense of life, but in this case you can make "storage to show" fashionably.

In addition to this, it seems convenient to store items that you want to keep together (such as children toys)! The voice is rising from the staff.

Because it is simple and versatile, it will quickly change to a useful item depending on the device!

3. in conclusion

How was it? For everyone, I think we have been able to introduce how to use a new cushion cover unexpectedly.

For the spring, please try to make your room and heart bright with African plastic cushion cover.♪

New patterns are also available at the online store. Please find your favorite pattern. PurchaseHerefrom!

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