The long -awaited clothes are in stock! Introducing the new pattern of the first "colored dress"♪

Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

It's almost March! Spring is finally coming. This winter was very cold, so I can't wait to get warm and I'm excited.

It is time to start preparing for spring ... so this time we will introduce the perfect products for spring.

Everyone is waiting, the season of RICCI EVERYDAY's African -printed clothes has arrived this year! The first one is the all -purpose wear "colored dress" that combines design and ease of use. It has arrived at the online store from February 25 (Fri).



In the column, we will introduce new patterns along with the recommended points, so please enjoy it to the end.

1. Colored dress

2. New pattern

3. in conclusion

1. Colored dress

Color dress / ¥ 25,300 (tax included)

Color dress that is familiar as RICCI EVERYDAY clothes. It is a product that often receives inquiries from customers.

A versatile wear that can be used as a dress or as a haori. African plint is boldly used, so it will be the leading role of coordination!



In March, which is still cold, it is recommended to use it like a thin knit such as a turtleneck or use it like a trench coat liner.

When it gets warmer, it will wear it with one piece or use it as a haori, and it will be very active regardless of the season.

This colored dress, design and functionality are perfect.



Gathered collar, sleeves, and hem with plenty of cloth. It shakes in the spring breeze and creates a dramatic African print coordinates.



There is also a pocket that can be said to be the characteristic of RICCI EVERYDAY clothes!



2. New pattern

Here are the new patterns that have arrived this time. Please find your favorite pattern!




3. in conclusion

How was it. African plastic color dresses perfect for spring preparation. Please take this opportunity to get your favorite pattern!



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