Which pattern do you want? Introducing the 2nd clothes "Abu Dhabi Gather Skirt" and new pattern recommended points!

Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

It rushed in March and it has come to spring! Is it time for spring clothes? At night, the temperature drops dramatically, so it is recommended to adjust the inside with outerwear or accessories while incorporating the spring material inside.

This time, we will introduce RICCI EVERYDAY's African -printed clothes following the previous column. The second one is "Abu Dhabi Gather Skirt", a flare skirt with an asymmetric silhouette! It is available on the online store from March 4 (Fri).



The column introduces the recommended points of each pattern in addition to the introduction of the product, so please enjoy it to the end.♪

1. Abu Dhabi Gather / Skirt

2. Pattern introduction

3. in conclusion

1. Abu Dhabi Gather / Skirt


Abu Dhabi Gather Skirt / ¥ 19,800 (tax included)

I guess flare skirts are often seen among the many African -printed clothes.

RICCI EVERYDAY flare skirts are made to match elegant adult style by changing the length of the length before and after.


Another feature is that the length of the feet looks clear by different lengths before and after.

Because the waist is rubber, it looks elegant, but you can wear it comfortably without tightening. Of course it has a pocket.


In March, which is still chilly, according to the knit and sweatshirts.

When it gets a little warmer, light it with thin tops.


If you combine it with a shirt, the usual office casual will be gorgeous.


By the way, do you know the origin of "Abu Dhabi Gather Skirt"?

According to our representative, Nakamoto, in the movie "SEX and THE CITY2", the skirt that the protagonist Carry wore in the Abu Dhabi market is a model.

In the summer, it's nice to match it with a compact T -shirt and heel sandals like a carry!

2. Pattern introduction

Here are the recommended points for the three patterns used in this clothes. If you are worried about the pattern, it is a must -read!


I Orange Blue & White Blue Orange

Because it is used a lot of colors, it is easy to match with clothes of various colors. Because it is a natural color, it is also easy to use because it does not become too pop.


I Orange Yellow & Orange Pink

A pattern with a gorgeous impression of pink and orange. The color is a little brown and the color is deep, so it is perfect for an adult -like atmosphere.


Wild Flower Orange & Purple

The point is the large floral pattern and the calm color. It is a popular pattern that is easy to match both casual style and adult style.

3. in conclusion

How was it?

By all means, please try to coordinate the lightness of spring with Abu Dhabi Gather Skirt.



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