Great attention! Introduction of new spring pattern clothes

Hello, this is Takatsuki of RICCI EVERYDAY.

It's already mid -March. Kawazu cherry blossoms at a nearby shrine were blooming neatly!

I feel the coming of spring♪

This time, we will introduce new clothes!

1.Coat dress

2.Relaxing pants

3.Relaxy long shirt

4.At the end

1.Coat dress


Court dress / \25,300(tax included)

A coat dress with a simple line and a salari.

It is clothes that can be used as a dress or as a haori.

The pattern looks beautiful because the pattern is vertical.


The point is a big pocket.


If you wear it as a dress, the pocket will be accented♪

2.Relaxing pants


Relaxing pants / \16,500(tax included)

Pants that are easy to wear with rubber.

In addition, since it is easy to match any tops, it is an item that is easy to incorporate for those who have never tried African -printed clothes!

3.Relaxy long shirt


Relaxy Long Shirt / \17,600(tax included)

A relaxing relaxing shirt that can be worn comfortably.


After all, the cute sleeves!

Because it is tight, it becomes a soft image and creates a cuteness.


It is also recommended to match a large necklace to the neck.

4.At the end

It's getting warmer and the bright color of African plints shines.♪

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