Have you checked it already? A NEW bag "Crochet Striped Bag" with a T -shirt up -cycle appears!

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It is a season when warm days continue and cherry blossoms are long -awaited. It looks a bit chilly next week, so it's a little further to see beautiful cherry blossoms ...

By the way, in this column, we will introduce new products released on March 18 (Fri).

A line that makes use of sustainable materials and Uganda craftsmanshipNAWOLOVU(Nawolob), a “Crochet Striped Bag” made using T -shirts' hagirire has appeared.


From the previous UgandaInstagramSo, our representative, Nakamoto, introduced the product development of this bag! Many people are looking forward to the release.

1. What is a black chet striped bag?

2. Size / specifications

3. in conclusion

1. What is a black chet striped bag?


It is a sturdy and solid bag that carefully weave the T -shirt. The handle is made of leather.

As the name suggests, the striped pattern is applied, so you can enjoy the combination of color.

The touch is smooth, and when you match the coordination, it has a refreshing impression. The fringe on the side is accented.


Regarding materials made by up -cycle of T -shirts, the representative, NakamotoThis columnI am talking about it. Please read it.

2. Size / specifications

The size is 37cm wide x 28cm high x 2cm in gusset, and A4 size is also fit.


It is also recommended to use a sub -bag that puts documents and tablets as a main bag, or as a bag to carry around when traveling in a company or school.


In addition, the gusset is thin, but the shape of the bag will be deformed according to the item, so you can put my bottle.


What you need to go out will be firm.


If you have one, it will be a sense of size that will definitely be a big success!


There is also a pocket inside the bag, so click here.


You can also fold the handle inside and hold it like a clutch bag. It gives a cool impression.

3. in conclusion

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「NAWOLOVUA new product, Crochet Striped Bag. It is a perfect bag for new seasons and new life. please check it!


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