Indispensable for new life! recommended item

Hello, this is Takatsuki of RICCI EVERYDAY.

March is approaching the end. Recently, the number of students in hakama in the city has increased.

It's colorful and cute -I'm delusional that it would be cute if I had a hakama of African plint (laughs)

By the way, the season when such a new life begins. In today's column, we will introduce items that will color your new life this week.♪

1. Cushion Cover

2. Toilet paper holder

3. Bottle case

Four. At the end

1. Cushion Cover

An item and a cushion cover that can change the atmosphere of the room at once.


Cushion cover/ 4,180 (tax included)

This cushion cover can be used as a storage case of ankero bag, put in clothes, and stocks daily necessities!

The idea of ​​putting various things on the cushion cover is revolutionary!


This column introduces how to use the cushion cover in detail♪

"Great discovery of the century!? The cushion cover quickly turns into a convenient item!"

The arrival pattern of this week that I am worried about is

Chicken Gweno pattern with a little surreal

Classic eye pattern

Other arrival patternsHerePlease check out♪

2. Toilet paper holder


Toilet paper holder/ 2,970 (tax included)

This product can store toilet paper stylishly.

You can store not only toilet paper but also books and sweets!


This column introduces toilet paper holders in more detail!

"Four birds with one stone!? Various holders toilet paper holder!"

This week's arrival is

A big eye pattern that gets an eye


A smoked pattern with a calm atmosphere and easy to match.

The other arrival patternHerePlease check it out.

3. Bottle case


Bottle case/ 1,980 (tax included)

You can put it on your bottle and change your mood, wrap the wine and use it as a gift wrapping.

It is an excellent bottle case that can be used in many ways.

For bottle cases, in this column, we are introducing in more detail♪

"Enjoy without a bottle! Introduction of a bottle case"

Show the pattern that will arrive this week!


Miracle pattern with a nice combination of blue and orange

A pink hermit crab pattern that creates the cuteness

HereYou can also see other arrival patterns!

Four. At the end

What did you think.

Let's improve your mood with African prints when your new life begins!

HereYou can check the items arrived this week♪

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