Is it time for new items? ! Staff recommended new life goods

Hello everyone. I'm Hashimoto of RICCI EVERYDAY. How are you spending?

In the Kanto region, the cherry blossoms gradually become in full bloom, and the spring has come in earnest. What about your area?

I saw a cat sitting on a large cherry tree in the neighborhood, and said by myself, "I'm so cute! (Cute)" (laughs).

And the new year will begin soon. I guess there are people who are excited, nervous, and those who feel.

So, this time, I will introduce RICCI EVERYDAY new life goods!

With a vivid African plint item, let's go as gorgeous to lose to the cherry blossoms.

1. Gorgeous the table. Lunchon mat & coaster

2. From makeup tools to lunch boxes? ! Make -up pouch

3. Cosmetic pouch S that triggers the story

Four. Active in both offices and at home, PC case & tablet case

Five. lastly

1. Gorgeous the table. Lunchon mat & coaster

In April, there are people who move for a new life or change their rooms.

Recommended for such peoplePlace matWhencoasteris.


I want to spend a bright time because it's a table I use every day.

Just lay a place mat and coasters roughly to make it vivid!

Combining the place mat and the coaster pattern and color to create a more unified sense of unity.

If you take a picture with food, sweets, and drinks, you will also see Instagram.♪


2. From makeup tools to lunch boxes? ! Make -up pouch

The most popular pouch among RICCI EVERYDAY itemsMake -up pouch

When the aperture is expanded, there are eight pockets inside!


It is an item that can organize makeup tools, so you can divide items for each pocket.

"I don't want to do that!"

"There is no time to be neatly organized!"

Good news for those who say. If you do not put it in your pocket, put the tool with a basser and pull the aperture to complete the storage!

Even during the busy time in the morning, you can make makeup.

This makeup pouch is not just that.

It can also be used as a lunch box. If you put a lunch box and pull the aperture, you can carry it cute. Also, when you eat a lunch box, if you spread the pouch, it will be a luncheon mat!


If you have any other discoveries that you can store something like this, please let me know.

3. Cosmetic pouch that can also trigger the story

If you are planning to renew your porch since April, maybe you've come.

I want to have a cute thing because it's an item to carry around.

What I would recommend is the frills cuteCosmetic Pouch Sis.

If you get out of your bag, you may be able to call out to those who met in a new environment, "It's cute! What kind of cloth is made?!"


African plint is an item that can also trigger the story, so please use it (laughs).

Four. Active in both offices and at home, PC case & tablet case

In recent years, not only in the company, but also in schools, the opportunity to use PCs and tablets has increased.

Also, due to the corona evil, I started working at home and taking classes.

PCs and tablets have become indispensable, and the frequency of carrying around has increased.

In such a case, it is convenientPC caseWhenIn a tablet casevinegar.

In both cases, there is a pocket outside the case, so you can put a pen, documents, notepads and notebooks.


With this one, you can move home, school, and work.

Let's work and study with a PC case and tablet case!

Five. lastly

What did you think.

It is a recommended item for those who have a new start from April, those who are trying to do their best, or those who are always looking for cute items (laughs), even if they are not in April, so please refer to it. Please see.

May the RICCI EVERYDAY item be an item that boosts you ...

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