Many African cloths are available! Introducing handmade ideas♪

Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

The new year has finally begun! I guess some people are excited about the new beginning. The cherry blossoms are in full bloom, and it's like supporting new life!

In this column, we will introduce the African plastic fabric that arrived at the online store on April 1 (Fri). We will introduce how to utilize African plastic fabric that is perfect for new life and the popular patterns arrived this time, so do not miss it until the end.♪


1. African plinting fabric utilization technique

2. Introducing popular patterns newly arrived

3. in conclusion

1. African plinting fabric utilization technique

RICCI EVERYDAY African plastic fabric is 120 mm wide and can be purchased in 50cm units.

Just by purchasing 1m (100㎝), you can make various things, such as eco -bags, small bags, and accessories!

In the past column, we introduce handmade ideas using African plastic fabric, so please read it! → "" "Easy! Handmade with African printing♪


There are many customers who actually purchased the fabric at RICCI EVERYDAY Daikanyama directly managed stores, other than the columns introduced in the column!


・ Made -to -order paradise (buy only fabric and bring it to a custom -made umbrella specialty store!)

・ For children's new life goods

Etc. ... It's a perfect way to use it for the coming season.

By all means, please find your favorite pattern and make your own original item.♪

2. Introducing popular patterns newly arrived

Here are some popular patterns that have arrived this time!


I Orange Yellow & Orange Pink

A pattern that combines gorgeousness and calm. Isn't an African plint in an adult -like atmosphere rare?


High -life light green

Popular high -life pattern. A cute pink accent on the calm green space.



Popular undulating pattern in directly managed stores. The vivid blue is stylish and the bright blue is fashionable, and many people fall in love at first sight. I am also the best!

3. in conclusion

How was it?

In addition to the introduction of this timeonline storeThere are many patterns in stock, so please find your favorite pattern.♪

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