Three new paper beads are available!

Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

The high temperature day continues, and the spring has arrived in earnest. I heard that in the news weather forecast that "there is no return for the cold anymore", I felt so happy! (I'm really not good at being cold ...)

This time, we will introduce items that will further excite the happy feeling of spring. On RICCI EVERYDAYPaper bead bagThree types of new items using paper beads, familiar sustainable materials, have appeared!

1. What is paper beads?

2. Paper beads necklace

3. Paper beads ball necklace

Four. Paper beads mask trap

Five. in conclusion

1. What is paper beads?

Paper beads are beads made of paper, as the name suggests, and is one of the traditional crafts of Uganda.


(The photo is a popular product of RICCI EVERYDAY "Paper Beads Two -Tone Bag / ¥ 16,500 (tax included)" A new color has also appeared in the new arrival. Check this out too! )

Sustainable because it does not use plastic and is made from recycled paper. As a waterproof measure, beads are hardened with varnish one by one. Moreover, varnish seems to use eco -friendly ones.

At last year's Instagram, we delivered a RICCI EVERYDAY representative, Chiizu Nakamoto, visited a workshop where Uganda's paper bead bags were making.

If you are worriedHerePlease take a look!

2. Paper beads necklace

Let's introduce new items immediately!

The first is "Paper Beads Necklace".


Paper Beads Necklace / ¥ 3,960 (tax included)

A vertical beads are different from what is used in paper beads bags. If you look closely, it looks like a multi -color, and it is a gentle color overall. The colors are available in three colors.


Just put it on the neck, giving a gorgeous atmosphere.


If you combine it with a simple T -shirt or the tops with the chest, the coordination will be much gorgeous. Recommended for occasional styles such as weddings and when you want to dress up.

In addition, the paper beads are light. It's hard to feel stiff shoulders when you attach a volume necklace for a long time. This is a pretty nice point!

3. Paper beads ball necklace

The second is "Paper Beads Ball Necklace". This is a four -color development, and the design differs depending on the color. Please choose what you like.


Paper Beads Ball Necklace / Each ¥ 7,480 (tax included)

It is longer than the paper bead necklace introduced earlier.


It is easy to match with various clothes, such as simple tops, shirts, and dresses, so if you have one, you will definitely be very active.

Various beads are used and fashionable. The colors are also very gorgeous!


Just looking at it will make my chest squeak ...!

Four. Paper beads mask trap

Finally, we will introduce "Paper Beads Musc Strap".


Paper Beads Musk Strap / ¥ 5,940 (tax included)

The mask trap that adds color to the mask life is an item that can make a difference with other people. Just putting it on will make your face gorgeous and look fashionable!


A mask trap that can be used like a necklace. If you stop each other, you can actually use it as a necklace.

In addition to paper beads, this paper beads and mask straps are made of Uganda traditional and sustainable materials.



Did you understand something?

The correct answer is "Berk Cross" made from the bark of Mutuba tree and the cow horn for edible beef. Both are already familiar materials on RICCI EVERYDAY.


Triple using sustainable materials is very luxurious!

Five. in conclusion

How was it?

Introducing three types of new paper beads, it has become a lot of content ...!

Please spend the happy season more happy with sustainable paper beads.


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