Deliver African cloth headband♪Introducing the April issue of Akero Box to Think about Sustainable Fashion


Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

The new year is starting in earnest, and many people are spending busy days.

This time, we introduce the April issue of Akero Box. Please heal your tired heart in the busy days in the Akero box.♪


1. "5 + 1senses" April issue

2. Monthly Gift Katyusha

3. Calendar card

Four. Drink

Five. Dried fruit

6. lastly

1. "5 + 1senses" April issue

The original booklet "5+1 SENSES" created by the Akero Box Team every month. In the April issue, we will deliver the theme of "Fashion Revolution".


Fashion Revolution is the need to enhance the transparency of fashion supply chains and to reform the fashion industry in response to the "Lana Plaza Collapse Accident" at a sewing factory in Bangladesh on April 24, 2013. It is a fashion revolution campaign.

In "5 + 1 Senses", we conducted a questionnaire to staff and customers about sustainable initiatives in fashion, and thought about what we could do together. Surely it should be a content that many people will sympathize with ...!

We also introduce music, movies, and books related to fashion! Please take a look carefully and slowly.

2. Monthly Gift Katyusha

This month's monthly gift is a headband of African plastic! We will deliver fashion items after this month's theme "Fashion Revolution"♪


A colorful headband that is perfect for the coming season. If you incorporate it into a simple coordination, it will give a gorgeous impression at once.

White T, denim, plain dress, shirt ... cute to match! If you start delusions, there is no drill ... (laughs)


Even if you combine it with RICCI EVERYDAY bag, it is perfectly compatible. Personally, I feel like I want to match it with Kiki -based items.

Please incorporate it into the coordination as you like and enjoy the African Camp Lint Fashion.♪

3. Calendar card

In the April issue, we will deliver a calendar card in May. Click here for this month's calendar card.


This time again, the creative staff I drew a cute illustration.

This model is Hime -chan, an idol dog from Uganda Kobo!

Is the collar attached to Hime a Masai bead collar? The eyes that are so cool are cute.

If you connect to the illustration of the April calendar delivered in the March issue, it will be one picture.

Four. Drink

Akero box can choose a coffee set or herbal tea set.


First of all, this coffee is a kind of coffee that is popular from the volcanic god. This is a coffee from Uganda. Coffee, which is taken at high altitude Uganda, is very fragrant and has a good flavor, so it is also popular with customers.


Herbal tea contains hibiscasty. This is a hibiscus tea from Ghana. It is characterized by a very refreshing drink.

It is also recommended to arrange it in your own style by mixing with syrup or juice or breaking with alcohol.♪

Five. Dried fruit

The dried fruits delivered this time are Dry Coconut.


This dry konut is dried out of coconuts removed from Ghana without using preservatives or additives. When you eat it, the rich sweetness spreads in your mouth.

Of course, it is delicious even if you eat it as it is, and it is recommended to put it in cookies or serial. There seems to be an arrangement method for hitting fish or mixing with vegetables!

Please try various things.

6. lastly

How was it?

This month's issue will be delivered with a variety of contents! Please look forward to it at hand.

May your home time be colorful ...♪

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