Be sure to find a perfect gift! RICCI EVERYDAY's "Mother's Day Gift Box" 1st!

Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

If you think that hot days like summer, the temperature dropped a lot and it became chilly. I have to spend my time thinking that I have to make a cold. Please be careful!

By the way, this is an introduction of a gift box for Mother's Day on May 8 (Sun). The first Mother's Day gift box is a set of Akero Shet and Kiki Eco Circle White!


1. For those who like fashion -Mother's Day gift box / Akello Pochette -

2. For those who like natural style -Mother's Day gift box / Kikoy eco circle white -

3. in conclusion

1. For those who like fashion -Mother's Day gift box / Akello Pochette -


Mother's Day Gift Box / Akeropo Shet ¥ 11,660 (tax included)

It is a set of familiar Akeropo Shet and preserved Kenia Rose.

Akeropo Shet is the smallest bag in the Achero series.

It is a convenient bag that can be used as a bag -in -bag that can be used in three ways, as well as a tote shoulder handbag, as well as a bag -in -bag that organizes and organizes a large bag!

Do you need courage to buy a small size bag yourself? (Is it only me who is worried, "Do you have all your belongings? But it's fashionable and cute ... what should I do!"

I would definitely be happy if you could get such a gift! Recommended for gifts for those who like fashion♪


The set preserved Kenia Rose is a preserved flower from a Kenyan rose in a small cube of 9.5 cm square, featuring African plinting.


Kenya roses are more vibrant than those in other regions and are characterized by large wheels. It will color your room colorfully as an interior item. Look forward to what will reach the pattern of Hagile!

2. For those who like natural style -Mother's Day gift box / Kikoy eco circle white -


Mother's Day Gift Box / Kiki Eco Circle White ¥ 6,400 (tax included)

Next is a set of popular Kikoi Eco Circle White and Dry Production.

Kiki Eco Circle White can be used in colorful African plastic and white background reversible. You can tie the handle yourself and adjust the length. The tip has a tassel made of silk.


This tassel is shiny and fashionable ...!

Tassel and Kikui create a natural atmosphere and fits the coordination of an unpretentious casual and natural taste.

It is an excellent bag that has a wide gusset and has a pocket, so it can be stored in a considerable large capacity and organized. There is no doubt that this will be pleased!

(About Kiki Eco Circle White, this column is also introduced in detail. Please take a look.♪→Kiki, who is outstanding, appears as that popular bag!


The dry prineapple in the set uses a pineapple from Uganda. It features a high sugar content and has a very juicy taste.

I actually tried it here, but it was really sweet and delicious!

3. in conclusion

How was the first Mother's Day gift box? This is on Friday, April 15thonline storePlease check it out as it is in stock. The popular pattern is available♪

On April 22nd (Fri) next week, the second Mother's Day gift box will be available, so please look forward to it! You can see the popular apron set on RICCI EVERYDAY!

* About delivery

・ Until 4/26 (Tue) order, we accept date specification other than 5/8 (Sun).

・ We will deliver it on May 8 (Sun) until 5/4 (Wed). (Excluding some areas)

* About wrapping:This set will be delivered in a wrapped state.There is no need to purchase "gift wrapping (¥ 200)" separately.

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