Staff introduction vol.15

Hello, I'm Saito of RICCI EVERYDAY. This time, we will deliver the 15th staff introduction.

I am currently a fourth year college student and have been involved in working as an intern since April 2022. I usually study international cooperation from various angles at universities. Thank you.

The trigger of knowing -RICCI EVERYDAY-

The first time I met colorful African plints was on the computer screen.

All universities are online due to infectious diseases. One day when I tended to be bored with a monochrome screen, my teacher introduced RICCI EVERYDAY.

What a happy color! After the lecture, I remember seeing online stores and SNS posts.

After that, it appeared frequently in front of me, and RICCI EVERYDAY always became "anxious".

-The intern / reason for deciding to work-

I was completely fascinated, and I was asking the opportunity to recruit interns now or now. I am very happy to have a chance this time!

There are some reasons for taking a step, but I decided to practice what I learned and what I wanted to do in the time of worrying about the future. For example, I want to be a person who is involved in international cooperation, but I didn't really know what to do. In addition, I wanted to become a "person who conveyed" from my longing, but I just got lost.

Don't just worry because you have adopted it as an intern!

In order to deliver color power to everyone, we are going to learn while learning and moving.

-The business content involved in the future-

I will be involved in online marketing in the future. Specifically, Instagram, Facebook operation, online store operation, website content, etc. We also sell at stores and pop -up stores.

-RICCI EVERYDAY is an interesting item-

It is shoulder kin -chak (eye orange yellow & orange pink).

The other day, I was a salesperson at the pop -up store, but my friend who visited me loved this and purchased it.


Shoulder kinkyaku is an item that you can easily enjoy African prints. You can change the length of the string, make it diagonal, hold it in your hand, or use it as a bag -in -bag.

The impression of the popular eye pattern varies depending on the color, but the orange yellow & orange pink is a cheerful color like juicy juice.


My friend went to the spring picnic with Giorder Kinky Chak and sent me a photo. It's very cute! It is named Kinchaku, but it is wonderful even if the bag mouth is not closed. I'm thinking of buying the matching ones.


After that, is it Akeroyoko?

There are various sizes of Achero bags, but this Akeroyoko is a long type as the name suggests. It is easy to take it to work or school because it is easy to take out while putting plenty of luggage.

Since the university has finally been met since this year, I am also planning to walk the campus dashingly in Akeroyoko and make the African print popular (laughs).


-My boom-


1. scuba diving

My boom is scuba diving.

I can't swim at all, but I got a license for scuba diving last year.

I haven't been in the pool since my second year of junior high school, so I did my best. At first I was afraid, but the feeling of being united with the beautiful sea is an experience that cannot be changed.


Someday, I want to dive into African diving spots with diverse ecosystems.



2. Heroines

This may not be my boom. However, I have only this introduction method for me who loves many things.


I have my favorite heroines, such as Ann of "Redhead Anne", Bell of Beauty and Beast, Maya of Glass Mask, and Barça of Naoko Uehashi's "Mamoru Series".

The powerful heroines give great courage. It is the same for everyone living in reality.

"Live like me" I can do my best every day, chasing the back of such seniors.

-Message to customers-

Thank you for reading. From now on, I would like to provide "I like" rather than "preferred" "and deliver African prints that color your wonderful life. Let's look for excitement together!

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