Limited sale apron twice a year♡What is the real voice of the staff for two years?

Hello, this is Sasaki of RICCI EVERYDAY.

The new year started, and I started to switch my mind and cut it off, but I was not going to go easily and I enjoy shopping ...

By the way, aside from that, here are some of the most popular aprons that appear only twice a year.

Since I actually use it, I will deliver it with a real voice.

1. Description of item

2. Staff's real voice

3. Introducing the patterns that are in stock

Four. At the end

1. Description of item

An apron that can adjust the length with a string so that anyone can enjoy it.


The size is

Length: 97㎝

Body: 100㎝


The string is cute, whether tied in front or tie behind.


Furthermore, even if the upper part is folded in half and used like a salon apron ◎


2. Staff's real voice

Although it is introduced in columns and SNS, it is uneasy to buy online ...

For such a person, I will deliver my real voice using an apron!

I bought it about two years ago.

There are two things that I think I can use, and one More point.

① The size of the pocket is just right.

A size pocket that allows you to put iPhone11 Pro vertically or horizontally. It is very convenient for me who often see recipe sites on smartphones.


By the way, the biggest feature of the RICCI EVERYDAY apron is that there is a pen holder and a ring holder in your pocket. I don't use it ... (laughs)


This is a nice point for those who go to a cooking class or who do not want to drop important accessories.

② Easy care!

Is the colorful African plint seem to be discolored and is troublesome? I tend to think.

However, this can be washed in a washing machine👏

OK unless you put it in a washing net and put it on a dryer. My apron, which has been used for two years, is still active!

The reason is that before making the product, the cloth is checked and a simple coloring is performed. Faded cloth here is used for sample production.

③ More point

You might think, "Isn't it just good because you're a staff?", But I don't think this apron has a particular negative point.

In other words, it is troublesome to pass the string after washing.

3. Introducing the patterns that are in stock

The pattern of the apron you care about. Not only can you sell separately, but also Mother's Day is near, so a gift box set with a dry prineapple will also appear.


Popular Lily. The lining red is accented.


Traditional pattern "High Life". Reasons why calm colors are also popular♡


The big flower pattern appears again! When I asked the customer on SNS, it was the most popular pattern in the flower pattern.


Seasonal forest. You can enjoy the pattern like drawn on one canvas.

Many other patterns will appear, so look forward to it!



Four. At the end

How was it? The apron is sold twice a year, Mother's Day and Christmas season.

Would you like to give a colorful apron for you, your loved ones, and those who like food in a special season?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by SNS or email.☻

The apron will appear on the online store on April 22 (Fri) at 21:00!

Daikanyama's directly managed store will be sold from Saturday, 23rd.

In the past columns, the apron is introduced in detail. Please take a look! →Sold off! The very popular apron is not just cute!

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