Mother's Day Gift Box 2nd! Would you like to give thanks with the items that combine functionality?

Hello, this is Sasaki of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Next week is GW! How do you spend consecutive holidays?

By the way, this time, on May 8, the last day of GW, we will introduce the "Mother's Day Gift Box 2nd" that appeared for Mother's Day.

There are also a hot apron and a Zakuzakuto set, so don't miss it! At the end of the column, we will also introduce how to choose a mothers of Mother's Day, which is limited to Daikanyama, so please read it to the end.

This week, four new gift sets have appeared.

1. Apron and dry prineapple

2. Eco and dry prineapple

3. Zakuzakto and Dry Parched

Four. Cube pouch and animal leather key holder

I will introduce one type with the charm of the product!

1. Apron and dry prineapple (¥ 5,600)

An apron that only appears twice a year, Mother's Day and Christmas season. It is a very popular product.

The secret of popularity is the functionality!

There are special holders that store pens and rings that are not found in other aprons.


Another reason is that "clothes are highly hurdles, but apron can easily try the patterns they care about." Recommended for those who want to enjoy colorful items when cooking.

And we will introduce some of the patterns that arrived today!



If you want to know more about the appeal of the apron, please see the columns released the other day!

Limited sale apron twice a year♡What is the real voice of the staff for two years?

2. Eco and dry prineapple (¥ 4,700)

Eco that is convenient for everyday use. There is also a pocket, and there are those who use it as a work or school bag, saying, "Shopping bag is a waste!"



Recommended for those who are looking for a casual and light bag.

Click here for the arrival pattern.




3. Zakuzakto and Dry Pripy Mpleity (¥ 8,700)

A large tote bag where things fit crunchy. It is a popular product among staff.



It can be used for outdoor use such as gyms and leisure bags, as an eco bag for large supermarkets, and as commuting and school bags!

It is anxious capacity, but this luggage can be used.



It is good to go out of GW by putting stalls, cardigans, travel goods, pouches, etc. required when it is a little chilly in the morning and evening! In addition, there is a pocket inside, so if you put the accessories there, it's OK!


Recommended for those who have a lot of luggage.

Click here for the pattern that arrived this week



Four. Cube pouch and animal leather key holder (¥ 3,500)

Colon and palm -sized cube pouch appear in gifts!

It's easy to think, "Is it a little small?"

By the way, this is so much in the cube pouch.



From the upper left, mirror, tissue, fragrance, bandage, curly, lip x 2, nail oil, mouse spray, hand cream, hand gel

In addition, you can use sanitary items, put sweets, put a smartphone charger, and use it unexpectedly!

Recommended pouch for those who have small bags.

The leather keychain is also created by a craft group of women named Beressera.

The detailed points of the product areThis columnplease look at.



How to choose a gift at a directly managed store

At the store, you can make Mother's Day gift boxes with your favorite products.

When a dry prineapple is set: +440 yen (including tax)

When a set of preserved Kenia Rose: +1800 yen (tax included)

At the above price, we will wrap the product and the dry prineapple or preserved Kenia Rose in a gift box.


It is OK to set it with a product that is not listed on the online store (makeup pouches, key chains, etc.)! If you have any questions, please ask the staff.

At the end

How was it?

Please consider it with the first gift box that arrived last week.

* About delivery

・ Until 4/26 (Tue) order, we accept date specification other than 5/8 (Sun).

・ We will deliver it on May 8 (Sun) until 5/4 (Wed). (Excluding some areas)

* About wrapping:This set will be delivered in a wrapped state.There is no need to purchase "gift wrapping (¥ 200)" separately.

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Limited sale apron twice a year♡What is the real voice of the staff for two years?

Be sure to find a perfect gift! RICCI EVERYDAY's "Mother's Day Gift Box 1st"!

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