Staff introduction vol.14

Hello, my name is Oda, who has become a new member since April at RICCI EVERYDAY. This time, we will deliver the 14th staff introduction.


I have been involved in business for one year since April. In the fourth year of working adults, IT companies have experienced the formulation of business policies, managing conferences, and introducing data analysis software in -house.

Also, when I was a student, I was studying abroad in other NPOs and the United States, so I always thought about what diversity was and what I could do.

That's my column. Please enjoy it.

-About the current work-

I am mainly in charge of store operations, online store operations, sales management and overseas expansion.

It's been a while since I started store operations, but I feel the power every day from many African prints. In addition, at the directly managed store and pop -up store in Daikanyama, we have experience searching for the perfect pattern together, so we study every day so that we can help our customers look for their fateful patterns. I am repeating. I always have the glittering expression when the customer picked up the pattern that I thought, "This is it!"

The trigger of knowing -RICCI EVERYDAY-


At first glance, I felt "wonderful" at a glance, and I was fascinated by the fact that I was attracted to the management philosophy of the representative, and most attractive.



-Modified to decide to work-

The reason was that I sympathized with the philosophy of "I like" from RICCI EVERYDAY "rather than" preferred "."

In my life I have lived, there was a vague concept in myself that it would be difficult to demonstrate individuality. In addition, the role was applied from fixed concepts (gender, age, appearance, etc.), and the sense that living in life according to it was in a sense, in a way, it was unconsciously permeated.

However, when I studied abroad when I was in my third year of college, I found that by talking and spending time with international students from various countries, I could have a variety of ideas and ways of life. In the wake of the timing where this view of life has changed significantly, I am thinking in my mind every day how a society that can utilize the personality and abilities of each person, beyond the stereotype that should be like this, can be realized. I did it.

This thought was verbalized by the RICCI EVERYDAY philosophy, and I was very sympathetic and wanted to work.

-RICCI EVERYDAY's favorite items-

My favorite item is "Akeroyoko".

Akero back is a colorful and cheerful African plint on the entire surface, and it is a very energetic item just to have it.

In addition, since "Achiyoko" is a horizontally long form, it is easy to put in and out of luggage.

Although it looks stylish, it is a large -capacity back that can fit A4 size files and personal computers because of the firm gusset.

Recommended when you want to work at a nearby cafe or when commuting.

Of course, as well as other Akero bags, there is also a shoulder strap that can be used for shoulder and diagonal hanging, so you can carry it fashionably when moving.


You can find your own personality from various patterns.


It is a reliable size that can also enter a personal computer. In addition to this swallow pattern, RICCI EVERYDAY always has a variety of African print products, so by all storePlease take a look.

-My boom-

1. English conversation

In college, I was ashamed of English and couldn't speak at all, and when I started studying English, I went to English conversation classes.

English conversation teachers always praise a little thing, so when the class is over, you can always return home with a feeling of runrun.

I recommend not only studying, but also English conversation as a change.

2. Makeup fashion research

In college, I was in a circle of an English drama called ESS, and I was in charge of actors and makeup, and my makeup and fashion research has been a boom in me for many years.

In recent years, when searching for cosmetics that match your skin, or trying a lotion containing topical ingredients in the streets at night, it is a daily routine to measure the effects on your own skin. You can cheer yourself for the day with the color and clothes of the lip. In that respect, I feel that fashion and makeup are very nice.

-Message to customers-

Until the end Thank you for reading! At the store, we hope that we can find the perfect product for our customers together. Please drop in when you come to Daikanyama. We'll be expecting you.

Look at the product