Convenient setNAWOLOVUThe items of Introducing RICCI EVERYDAY 2023 Lucky Bags ②


hello. I'm Ishii from RICCI EVERYDAY.

This time,Last columnThis is the second of the lucky bag introduction introduced in.

If you haven't read the previous column yet, please take a look.

This lucky bag that will arrive today is available in a rich lineup so that everyone can enjoy it.

Please have a look♪

1. Lucky bag type

2. Details of various lineups

3. Purchase flow

Four. last

1. Lucky bag type

① Lucky bag -Akero and work set (medium Akero) -

② Lucky bag -Akero and go out set (Akero Shet) -

③ Lucky bag -Zakuzakkotor-

④ Lucky bag -Total African Corde-

➄Lucky Bag -Office Accessories Set-

⑥ Lucky bag -Travel accessories set-

⑦ Lucky Bag -Pouch Set-

⑧ Lucky bag -Paper bead colorful set-

⑨ Lucky Bag -Kiki Stripe Set-

All sets have a lineup where you can enjoy coordination according to the scene.

2. Details of various lineups

For items that are common to all lucky bags, the details of the lucky bag of ① to ④Last columnPlease refer to the.

This time small itemsNAWOLOVUIntroducing ⑤ to ⑨, which is the center of the items.

⑤ Lucky bag -office accessory set-/¥ 13,200 (tax included)

It is a set of accessories that are very active in the office.

The work is likely to go down in a bright color!


⑥ Lucky bag -Travel accessories set-/¥ 13,200 (tax included)

It is a set of accessories that are convenient for traveling and going out.


⑦ Lucky Bag -Pouch Set-/¥ 13,200 (tax included)

It is a set of a pouch.

It is a set that makes daily storage fun.


⑧ Lucky Bag -Paper Bead Colorful Set-/¥ 27,500 (tax included)

It is an item that uses paper beads made by Uganda craftsmen one by one.

Because it is a paper beads, it adds an accent to the coordination with a light color.


⑨ Lucky Bag -Kiki Stripe Set-/¥ 22,000 (tax included)

It is a set of items using Kiki, which was carefully woven with a weaving machine, and uneven crochet stripe bag.

The feel is gentle and warm.


3. Purchase flow

Lucky bags are introduced online stores until January 5, 2023. Customers who order by December 25 will be shipped on December 26.

Orders after December 26 will be delivered after January 7, 2023.

To buy a lucky bagHerefrom!

Four. last

How was it?

Please enjoy the coordination using African plints.

* The lucky bag in the photo is an example. The pattern is fun after it arrives♪

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