Popular items are finally in a lucky bag! RICCI EVERYDAY2023 Lucky Bag Introduction ①


hello. I'm Sasaki of RICCI EVERYDAY. It's less than a month this year. Lucky bags are getting closer and the topic of the year!

This time, RICCI EVERYDAY is a luxurious lineup that incorporates popular items than ever before, so please take a look.♡

In addition, there are many types this time, so I will introduce them in detail in two parts.

1. Lucky bag type

2. Items to always enter

3. Details of luxurious lineup

Four. Purchase flow

Five. At the end

1. Lucky bag type

This time, the following nine lucky bags will appear!

① Lucky Bag-Akero and Work Set (Medium Akero)-

② Lucky bag-Akero and go out set (Akero Shet)-

③ Lucky bag-crunchy set-

④ Lucky bag-Total African Cordet Set-

⑤ Lucky bag-Office accessory set-

⑥ Lucky bag-Travel accessories set-

⑦ Lucky Bag-Hitasu Pouch Set-

⑧ Lucky bag-Paper bead colorful set-

⑨ Lucky Bag-Kiki Stripe Set-

Each set is a lineup that allows you to complete the coordination according to the scene with this one.

2. Items to always enter

The items that you will always enter even if you purchase any lucky bag are Uganda's miscellaneous goods and I / mask.

Uganda's miscellaneous goods are purchased by the representative, Nakamoto, and some items have been introduced in Selected by C.



It is fun after opening what will reach popular animal figurines, colorful accessories, and items that are perfect for this time!

And the familiar I / mask. The non -woven cloth mask is the mainstream, but I hope you can attach it when you want to go out a little or when you clean your house.



3. Details of luxurious lineup

This time, I will introduce four types of details, ① to ④. The contents of the photos to be introduced are an example. The contents are fun after it arrived♡

① Akero and work set (Medium Akero)/ ¥ 20,900 (tax included)

Right now, RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL Medium Akero can only get with Kagurazaka Showroom or POP UP.

If you also enter a PC or tablet despite the compact size, it is a popular size before the Akero 38 series comes out!

I use medium Akero when I go out with a tablet.

Such a medium Akero set is orange yellow, red pink, and blue green.You can choose your favorite color from 3 colors


▲ One example of blue green

In addition, we will also introduce coordination using Akero bags in the official app. We hope you enjoy the African plastic lint according to the season.

App store / Google Play

② Akero and go out set (Akeropo Shet)/ ¥ 18,700 (tax included)

(1) Similarly, Akeropo Shets, which are not sold at the online store, have reappeared only in lucky bags. This is also orange yellow, red pink, blue greenYou can choose your favorite color from 3 colors



The Akeropo Shet, which is perfect for going out, is perfect for shopping and traveling.

In addition, it can be used as a bag -in -bag of a large bag, so it is a bag that can be used in multi.

③ Crossling set / ¥ 22,000 (tax included)

A very popular Zakuzakuto has appeared as a lucky bag! We will also deliver useful items when using Zakuzakuto.♡



It is a bag that is active in various scenes, such as buying for the year -end and New Year holidays, commuting / commuting bags, gyms, and travel bags.



I also love the representative NakamotoZakuzakuto. Please try this opportunity☻

④ Total African coordination set / ¥ 44,000 (tax included)

A luxurious lineup full of clothes, bags, accessories and accessories.

I wanted you to enjoy the African mood at any time while coordinating with your clothes, so I prepared this set.

There are items that can be enjoyed in spring, summer, autumn and winter, so I hope you can enjoy coordination according to the season!



Four. Purchase flow

Lucky bags are introduced online stores until January 5, 2023. Customers who order by December 25 will be shipped on December 26.

If you order from December 26 to January 5, we will deliver it after January 7, 2023.

We hope you enjoy the year -end and New Year holidays with African items.

Five. At the end

How was it? Next, I will introduce the details from ⑤ to ⑨! This is also a luxurious item, so don't miss it!

* The photo is an example of a lucky bag set. The pattern is fun after it arrives.

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