Various projects are crowded at the end of the year! RICCI EVERYDAY December Recommended selections

hello everyone!


2022 was in December in no time. It's really early for a year ... I feel like it's getting faster every year.

The end of the year is also a time when you want to pamper yourself for a year. It seems to sprinkle with the New Year and what to buy for Christmas.

Is there any product you are aiming for?

By the way, RICCI EVERYDAY also offers various projects at the end of the year.♪

I hope you can read it to the end!



1. Official app limited 5 % off coupons are being distributed♪

2. Interior items around the tableware appear for a limited time!

3. According to your scene♪A great lucky bag is coming in the holiday season again!

Four. SBC comes from Uganda market♪

Five. The feel of the leather feels good! Akero leather will be new

6. Finally

1. Official app limited 5 % off! We are distributing great coupons♪



From December 2nd (Fri) 21: 00 to Friday, January 6 (Fri), RICCI EVERYDAY official apps are distributed online stores and RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL Kagurazaka Showroom. !

If you purchase more than 5,500 yen (tax included) through the app, a 5%off coupon will be applied.

* Excluding lucky bags


How to get the coupon is to get the coupon code by accessing the "Message" item of the app or from the "Contents" item.♪


Please enter the coupon code on the cart page at the checkout.

Also, if you come to the Kagurazaka Showroom, please show the showroom coupon at the checkout.


"I haven't got an app yet!"

If you are, please get it from the following.♪

Google Play StoreHere

The App Store StoreHere

2. Interior items around the tableware appear for a limited time!


From December 2 to December 25, we will develop the interior collection entitled "Christmas Interior Coordination".♪

This is a special campaign for this time only for purchasing interior items related to table coordination.


It reappeared this timeapron(¥5,280)Is a popular item every year.

With a colorful African print, your daily kitchen work will be bright and fun.♪

In addition to the standard pattern, this time a new pattern has also appeared, so please take a look.

Apron -Meadow wind-


Apron -Morning Greetings-

The length can be adjusted with a string, and the pocket has a ring holder and pen holder. I was impressed by the functionality and gave my mother as a gift. smile


Great apron + mittensGift set(¥ 7,920) is also available♪

It is a recommended product as a gift!

In addition, this time, we have released a renewed kitchen miton as a new product.




Kitchen miton(¥3,080)

In addition, there is a place mat, coaster and bottle case.


Place mat(¥2,860)



Bottle case(¥1,980)

Please color the interior of the holiday season with a colorful and bright African print.

The list of interior collectionsHerefrom♪

3. According to your scene♪A great lucky bag is coming in the holiday season again!

A very popular lucky bag every year is scheduled to be reserved on Friday, December 9th.

Lucky bags are like RICCI EVERYDAY lucky bags, and various products are random.

This year's theme is an unprecedented set that matches the scenes and products that can be used.♪

Enjoy the contents after opening!


The set contents are scheduled for the following.

① Lucky Bag-Akero and Work Set (Medium Akero)-(¥ 20,900)

② Lucky bag-Akero and go out set (Akero Po Shet)-(¥ 18,700)

③ Lucky bag-Crossling set- (¥ 22,000)

④ Lucky bag -Total African Cordet Set- (¥ 44,000)

⑤ Lucky bag-office accessory set- (¥ 13,200)

⑥ Lucky bag-Travel accessories set- (¥ 13,200)

⑦ Lucky Bag-Hitasu Pouch Set- (¥ 13,200)

⑧ Lucky Bag -Paper Bead Colorful Set- (¥ 27,500)

⑨ Lucky Bag -Kiki Stripe Set- (¥ 22,000)


(The product will be displayed after the release date.)

4. SBC comes from Uganda market♪

This time, from December 16 (Fri) to December 31 (Sat), SELECTED BY C products will be released for a limited time!

SELECTED by C (SBC) introduces various miscellaneous goods that representative Nakamoto purchased at Uganda's craft market and fly -day market.


We have miscellaneous goods that can fully feel Uganda, such as accessories, objects, and pictures. Just incorporate one in fashion and interiors will surely feel better!

This time, many new products will be available from Uganda, so please try to find your own dish.

Five. The feel of the leather feels good! Akero leather will be new

Akero bag, an icon bag of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Until now, it was a bag with African plints on the entire surface, but the leather was transformed into a medium akero using the entire surface, and it is scheduled to appear on December 16 (Fri)!

Using a soft leather from Uganda, it is a chic item with a cowhorn on the handle.

The inside is an African print that makes you feel better.



It is a handmade product by Uganda leather craftsmen one by one.

Please check it♪

6. At the end

How was it?

In addition to the items introduced this month, various items such as the new pattern of the classic Achero bag, the popular Mochet, and paper beads will be available!

Please look forward to the arrival of every Friday.💓

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