Introducing Mother's Day Gift


Hello everyone. I'm Hashimoto, a staff member of RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL.

In the spring, the flowers in the florist have become colorful. We are checking what kind of flowers are in front of the store! By the way, my favorite flowers are peony, roses, violets, and poppies. (There are a lot ... lol) Also, it is my commitment to pass a rose flower at the celebration. I'm glad if you get flowers ...!

Speaking of gifts and flowers, it's Mother's Day soon! Mother's Day this year is Sunday, May 9th. RICCI EVERYDAY has also prepared Mother's Day gifts this year. This time, I will introduce Mother's Day gift box.

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There are four types of Mother's Day gift boxes this time. It is a very gorgeous gift box that is set with preserved Kenia Rose!

Preserved Kenia Rose was put in a 9.5 cm square cube, and on the bottom of the cube was made of African plinting.

The African plastic lint makes the crimson rose grown in Kenya look even more gorgeous. In addition, this is a preserved flower, so it will be bloomed neatly. It's a rose that seems to be fine every time you see it!


Now, I will explain each gift box. I would be grateful if you could refer to the selection of gifts.

* If you order at the online store by Wednesday, May 5th, we will deliver it by Mother's Day.

  1.  /11,330 yen (tax included)

It is a gift box set with Akero Shet and a set. In the Akero series, the Pochette, which can be easily held, is perfect for a gift. I often see customers who are gifts with Akero Shet.

It can be used in various scenes, as it can be used for handbags, diagonal hanging, and shoulders. Recommended for those who like bags and those who like African prints.

Also, if preserved Kenia Rose comes out of the Akero Shet, wouldn't it be pleased? I also recommend such a production (laughs)



A new big circle Sylvia basket is set. The Big Circle Sylvia Basket, which is sure to be active in the coming season, matches the preserved Kenia Rose because the circular part looks like a flower. Recommended for gifts for those who like baskets. Because it is a very gorgeous gift set, it will be gorgeous.


  1.  4,070Yen (tax included)

It is a gift box set with a popular cube pouch. Even those who are new to African plinting items can be easily incorporated. It is an easy -to -choose gift for those who say, "It is difficult to choose African plastic bags as gifts ..."!

It is a convenient pouch because you can carry cosmetics and accessories.



A set with accessories that are very convenient for storing and carrying accessories is recommended for gifts for those who like accessories.

Although it looks compact, it is very convenient because there are many storage space and functions that provide accessories. It is a luxurious gift set that is irresistible for fashion lovers.



Daikanyama directly managed stores will also sell the above gift boxes from April 17 (Sat)! At the online store, the pattern of the product is determined in advance, but at the store, you will select a product of your favorite pattern and set it with Preserved Kenia Rose.

In addition, it is limited to Daikanyama's directly managed store, and it can be set as a set of all products in the store+preserved Kenia Rose. In that case, we will sell it at +1,500 yen for the product!

Please come to Daikanyama directly managed stores. We'll be expecting you!


What did you think. Mother's Day once a year. Why don't you think of your "mother" for your customers and thank you? May Mother's Day be a wonderful day.

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