Staff introduction vol.8

Hello, this is Igarashi, who is in charge of the product shooting of RICCI EVERYDAY. This time, we will deliver the 8th installment of "RICCI EVERYDAY staff introduction".



-The business content currently involved-

I am mainly in charge of shooting products to be posted in the online store.

In addition, we are making coordination shooting and creating illustrations for the RICCI EVERYDAY original booklet "5+1 SENSES" delivered in the Akero box.




The trigger of knowing -RICCI EVERYDAY-

Come to the store to play with the representative of Chitsu's sister! I was invited.

-Modified to decide to work-

The fact that I actually saw the product at the Daikanyama direct store and felt the atmosphere of the brand was a major trigger.

You can see that the body is reacting to the body that jumps directly into the eyes and heart, the color of the African plastic lint, textile design, and the material that is not usually touched, but the body is clear. I felt like that.

After that, I wanted to be more involved in this brand with the brand's philosophy.

It's a nice and fun time for me to be able to see and touch the new product as soon as possible as a photographer.

By watching Sendsu's Instagram and reading "5+1 SENSES", you can get a glimpse of the everyday scenery of Uganda, and the staff who are making products at hand have gained a sense of closely familiarity. I want to gradually deepen my understanding of social issues.

-RICCI EVERYDAY's favorite items-

Achero bag 4WAY is still good when I take a product.
It is an item that makes you feel the extension of African plastic textile design, and is always energetic. It is also a good hand -sewn stitch of the handle leather.

I haven't found my Akero bag yet, but ...! I want to find a fateful encounter and find it.

-My boom-

My recent my boom is to get up early in the morning and make porridge!

When I ate warm food in the morning, I started to feel that I could spend that day without being impatient. The ingredients were simply umeboshi, eggs, and recently topped with Gapa Rice ingredients were the most delicious lol

-Message to customers-

In the future, while trying to create photos and creatives that will expand the image of RICCI EVERYDAY products, I will also work carefully to meet the once -in -a -lifetime encounter with the color and textile design of African prints.

Look forward to the next staff introduction!

Look at the product