Even in your room! Show all the new clothes♡

hello. I'm Sasaki of RICCI EVERYDAY.

It's hot in summer and you want to spend your room during the day.

A must -see for those who spend a lot of time at home!

This time, we will introduce the new clothes "Roomwear" from the particular points to the pattern!♡

1. What is room wear?

2. Size

3. Introduction of the arrival pattern

4. Finally

1.Room wearWhat is?

"Roomwear" is a new clothes (17,600 yen including tax).

It was born from the desire to spend the time at home and want to spend a bright time in Africa!

How, this will be sold on the top and bottom set ⭐︎

Even if you enjoy it in the setup, it is perfect even if you coordinate with your clothes.

The product name is room wear, but it is also recommended for going out!

Combined with tops, jeans and long skirts, pants are fashionable when combined with T -shirts!

  1. Sense of size

The room wear is made with room, so it is very comfortable and lactin.

In addition, it also has a fashionable, so it will definitely brighten your time at home!

"I'm worried about my clothes when I spend time at home ..."

"I want the clothing that can be worn when doing housework or remotely work."

It is especially recommended for such people!

  1. Introduced in stock

By the way, I will introduce the pattern that appeared in the online store today!

I Blue Orange White & White Blue Orange

The same eye pattern. There is no doubt that the house time will be bright!

Botanical orange

The popular botanical pattern is the first time in a long time!

Capsule green

A cute design with three colors. I want to challenge the trendy green this year! It is also recommended for those who are.


Swallow / red & yellow green blue

The swallow pattern shines on the red stripe. It is a color that gives a gentle impression!

Swallow / white & yellow green blue

A swallow pattern with a cool shade. Perfect for this season.

  1. At the end

How was it? Room wear can be tried on the Kagurazaka Showroom, so if you are interested, please try it first.☺︎

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