In August, the project is crowded! RICCI EVERYDAY Anniversary Month

Hello, this is Ikeda of RICCI EVERYDAY.

It followed hot days. There was a forecast that it would be even hotter than usual this year (I feel like listening every year!), But on hot days, I want to eat spicy ethnic dishes asexually, so I traveled for a meal such as green curry and Tom Yum Kun. I am spending time feeling. I would like to wait for my favorite autumn to come while taking care of my meals and life so that I do not get rid of the summer.

By the way, on August 26, RICCI EVERYDAY celebrates its 7th anniversary since its foundation. In the last seven years, I have been able to continue this far with many customers and supported me. thank you very much.

Therefore, this month, we have prepared a lot of projects that will always enjoy RICCI EVERYDAY items and enjoy RICCI EVERYDAY!

In this column, we will give you an overview of what kind of project you will deliver in the past month, so please take a look.

1. WEEK 1 Akerori Vibration Planning Start

2. WEEK 2 Selected by C Planning & App Release

  1. Week 3 NAWOLOVUNew item arrival
  2. Week 4 7th Anniversary WEEK
  3. in conclusion

1. WEEK 1 Akerori Vibration Planning Start

The Akero series has been walking since the founding of RICCI EVERYDAY. In June, the Akero 38 series was released, but many voices said, "I want to be able to adjust the strap as well as the akero bags I am using now."

In order to respond to that request, we will start planning the Acheros Trap Campaign & Akerori Bival for one month until August 31!

As the name suggests, the strap repair campaign will be fixed and the strap can be adjusted to adjust the strap.

In addition, the Achido Vival is able to adjust the conventional Akero bag, and can be purchased from the online store for the past month.

It will arrive on 8/5 (Fri), so please check it out.

2. WEEK 2 Selected by C Planning & App Release

"SELECTED by C" is a project where representative Nakamoto buys the items that are diverted in Uganda and deliver it to you. This time, as a anniversary, we have prepared a lot of wonderful items that I have never purchased before. It is a content that you can enjoy, such as popular animal and interior products.

In addition, the RICCI EVERYDAY official app will be released on August 12 (Fri)! By using this app, we will make it easier to shop and deliver app -only content. I would like to make RICCI EVERYDAY more enjoyable.

3. Week 3 NAWOLOVUNew item arrival

A line that makes use of the sustainable materials of RICCI EVERYDAY and the craftsmanship of UgandaNAWOLOVU(Naulob)] A new product will appear!

It is a bag that uses denim that has been used as old clothes from developed countries, and has a design of unprecedented form.

This is a new work just completed when traveling to Uganda, so please look forward to it!

4. Week 4 7th Anniversary WEEK

① RICCI EVERYDAY 7th Anniversary Anniversary Lucky Bag Appears

Lucky bags are like RICCI EVERYDAY lucky bags, and various products are random. You can choose in the Akero series, accessories, and clothing categories. Enjoy the contents after opening!

In addition, this lucky bag is delivered in the “5+1 Senses” (RICCI EVERYDAY regular box of dried fruits from Uganda, drinks, animal dolls, and anniversary reprints from Uganda. I will enclose the special booklet).

② Richie Every Date Tote New

RICCI EVERYDAY new standard tote "Richie Every Date Tote" created based on the voices of everyone who has received it.

A tote bag made with the size, design, functionality, and all of them. I want you to be a standard bag that colors your daily life.

↓ The freshly released tote is released

・ Held the first workshop in the showroom

On August 27 (Sat), the first workshop will be held in the showroom! You can make an original fan using African plinting.

For more informationThis columnPlease see from. Reservations have also started.

5. To reach

What did you think?

Although it is really a lot of content, everything is common to all customers who are involved in RICCI EVERYDAY.

We hope you enjoy the anniversary month in August together.

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