Akero Bag Rlying Vival & Strap Fixed Campaign started!


hello. I'm Sasaki of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Obon soon. I plan to go out of the prefecture for the first time in three months, and I'm excited like a night before the excursion of elementary school students.

By the way, this time, we will introduce the Akerori Vival project as the RICCI EVERYDAY anniversary monthly month and the first!

1. What is the Akerori Bival Planning?

2. Introduction of the arrived pattern

3. Why I like Akero

Four. At the end

1. What is the Akerori Bival Planning?

This project has two points.

(1) Strap repair campaign

As the name implies, the strap repair campaign will be fixed and the straps can be adjusted by fixing the Akero bag already.

The Akero 38 series was released in June, but many customers said, "I want to be able to adjust the strap as well as the akero bags I am using now."

In order to respond to that request, we will respond to limited to 8/31.

[How to fix it]

Bring directly to Kagurazaka Showroom orPayment of cash on deliveryPlease send only the Akero straps you have. (Letter pack light recommended)

* It will be shipped in about 10 days after the strap received arrived.

* The specification is slightly shorter than the current strap length. It differs for each size, so for more informationDetailed pagePlease check in.

Price: 2,200 yen (tax included) +660 yen (shipping fee)

May your favorite Achero bag become a more attached bag!

(2) Akerori Vival

The conventional Akero bag can be adjusted from the online store until August 31, so that the strap can be adjusted!

(Of course, you can also see it in the Kagurazaka Showroom, so if you are interested, please choose according to the mirror.)

2. Introduction of the arrived pattern

After all it is a pattern that is worrisome! This time, the online store is available for each size of Achero bags!

In the column, we will introduce two patterns!

①Akello Bag 4WAY

▲ Hawaiian sky / sunrise

A pattern that shines especially in simple clothes when matched to the mirror!

It is also recommended to go to the sea with this.

▲ Guru-turquoise & yellow

A color featuring the contrast between yellow and turquoise. It is a pattern that can be used regardless of the season.

② MediumAkello

▲ Niwatriitzveno

A chicken pattern with a strong fan. Isn't it possible to express your "like"? !

▲ Uzumaki-Blue & Pink

The pattern that was particularly popular in the shop was revived. I was told that it was easy to get used to the color of the color and the frustrating clothes!

③ Mini -kero

▲ Houki

A broom pattern with a colorful green. For a refreshing impression with a green bag!

▲ Dinosaur on the waterside

I haven't seen this pattern recently, so it must be a rare pattern! I think without permission. It is also recommended to choose a pattern that is only now.

④ Akero Shet

▲ Yarn-Green & Purple

Because the green color is used, it is the color that those who think that "too flashy is a bit high".

▲ Circle Circle-Brown & Yellow

A popular color that is easy to use regardless of gender. It is a traditional pattern of African plint.

In this form, the only Akero bag that can adjust the length of the strap is only for the past month. Don't miss this opportunity!

3. Why I like Akero

Achero bags that I mainly use as outing bags. When choosing a handle, when you actually have a bag, the more you use, the more you use it, the more you use it.

The reason I like Akero is because I am confident. When I had an Akero bag before, my friend told me, "That bag is cute," and I still remember being very happy. I've never been told by anyone, so if I have an Akero bag, I remember the event at that time, and somehow I became confident.

Please let me know why you like your Akero bag!

Four. At the end

RICCI EVERYDAY Anniversary Month that has finally started. How about the first revival plan?

You can purchase Akero bags at the Kagurazaka Showroom or Pop -Up Store, but you can fix the strap [now only! ].

Don't miss this opportunity!👀

Click here for the arrival Achero bag

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