Staff introduction vol.18

Hello, this is Nakajima of RICCI EVERYDAY. This time, we will deliver the 18th staff introduction.

I am currently a second -year college student and have been working as an intern at RICCI EVERYDAY since July. At university, I am studying introductory subjects to major in business administration and development research. Thank you very much.

The trigger of knowing -RICCI EVERYDAY-

The introduction from a teacher from the same high school as Nakamoto Chizu is the trigger. He told me that there is a wonderful brand of graduates. That was RICCI EVERYDAY.

I've been interested in fair trade and social enterprise for a long time, and I was very impressed that people from the same school have launched a brand that takes into account the environment and human rights in Japan. I saw websites and interview articles and remember that I was excited.

-The intern / reason for deciding to work-

I was looking at the RICCI EVERYDAY website and noticed that I was just looking for an intern. Since I was a high school student, I was vaguely wanting to be involved in social business in the future. On RICCI EVERYDAY, I wanted to absorb various things that I couldn't learn in classroom lectures and learn a lot, so I applied for the intern.

-The business content involved in the future-

I am mainly in charge of posting to Twitter. I would like to provide excitement information, such as introduction of new products that are in stock every week, Popup information and media posting information! Please follow me♪

-RICCI EVERYDAY is an interesting item-

The item I am interested in is the fruit black shirt basket -natural-.

After all, the appearance is very cute. The color is simple and easy to match with any clothes, but it may be an accent of coordination with a characteristic design like a fruit.?

When I put my bag at home, I feel like it plays a stylish interior.

Similarly, one of the items that I am worried about is also a mini -fruits black shock basket -raspberry of fruit black shots.

You often see flashy pink items this year. By adding this pink bag to the finish of the coordination, the whole can be tightened and the stylishness can be created.

If you arrange shoes and accessories in pink according to the bag, you will have a sense of unity and will be a wonderful dress.

Or, as shown in this photo, if you combine a pink crochet bag and a black dress, it may be interesting to make the sandals black and the pedicure to be vivid pink.

Coordination that comes to mind infinitely from only one item, it's very fun just to think about it! I'm glad if you can share how you wear it on SNS.

-My boom-

1. Korean drama

Watching Korean dramas is the first my boom. I like watching it itself, but it's a geek that investigates impressions and considerations on Twitter, and examines the dramas and cast trends for each scriptwriter.

I have a lot of favorite dramas, but the drama that I look back many times is "smart doctor life". All the characters are spotlighted, and you can feel the warmth of people in everyday life. I really liked it, so I looked up the scriptwriter and saw all the other works of that person.

Now I'm watching a drama called "Uyong -woo is a genius skin". The story is also interesting, but personally, the fashions of the characters are very fashionable, and the point is that they are. I'm looking forward to the latest story, Wednesday, and Thursdays now or now.

I like the whole Korean culture as I take Korean classes at university, so I want to find opportunities and travel to Korea.

2. Bakery tour

I want to eat delicious bread, and I'm hooked on a bakery tour. If you look at Instagram and you have some breads you are worried about, you will invite your friends and visit the bakery.

This photo is a picture of the bread recently eaten at a bakery that has been renovated from an old private house. I was a geek of "space", including the atmosphere of the building, the shop, and the scenery, so the calm bakery was a luxurious and happy space.

It's full of places that haven't been pioneered yet, so if you have some breads you care about, I want to extend my legs a little far. Any bakery cannot remove the danish system!

-Message to customers-

Until the end Thank you for reading. We will make every effort to deliver exciting information to everyone, so thank you!

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