RICCI EVERYDAY official app is born☆With a nice privilege on downloading!

Hello everyone. I'm Hashimoto of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Speaking of summer, the sea, watermelon, fireworks display, and RICCI EVERYDAY Anniversary Month! It's already a summer tradition (?)

How about the RICCI EVERYDAY anniversary month that started last week? I would be glad if you could deliver a little excitement to everyone.♪

And this time, the second anniversary monthly project. We will introduce the RICCI EVERYDAY official app released on August 12 (Fri) today! (Pachu Pachi ~!)

"Is there anything you should do to download the app?"

We will introduce in detail not only to answer such questions, but also about how to use the app.

table of contents

1. What is the RICCI EVERYDAY app?

2. Easy 2 steps! How to download apps
3. Introducing specific usage

1. What is the RICCI EVERYDAY app?

If you download the RICCI EVERYDAY app, you can fly to the RICCI EVERYDAY online site immediately from your smartphone and shop.♪

Because it is a site configuration that matches the smartphone screen, you can easily access the variety of content and various content.

AlsoApp limited contentThere is also! !

The content you can see is as follows.

・ New items

・ Pick up item

・ News ・ Notice


・ Showroom / Popup ・ Dealer information

・ Limited content (☆App limited)

2. Easy 2 steps! How to download apps

① Search for apps

First, search for "RICCI EVERYDAY" on the application download site.

Then, the RICCI EVERYDAY app appears in the search results.

* Both AppStore and GooglePlay are supported.

② Download the app to your smartphone

Downloading this app is free, so you can feel free to download it.♪

An app appears on the home screen of your smartphone.

Now you can access the RICCI EVERYDAY site at any time.

3. Introducing specific usage

Then, I will explain each one about the specific usage of the application.♪

・ Home

If you open the app first, this HOME screen will pass.

On the Home screen, you can see Pick UP content and New Arrival items.

Pick UP content screen

New Arrival item screen

I'm glad you can see Pick UP content and new items with one touch!

Now you can see the weekly items every time.

・ Shopping

Tap the "Shopping" of the icon shaped in the bag at the bottom of the application screen to find items from the items, materials, and African plastic patterns.

If you scroll down further from here, the screen will be as follows.

Now you can find items for each material!

・ Contents

If you tap "Contents" in the icon of the clothes at the bottom of the screen, you will find a column and application limited content.☆

Here, we will introduce limited contents on the screen for each item.


You can see the coordination according to the item. If you find your favorite coordination, you can shop from there!

Look Book

On this page, you can see the photos worn by the model.

Wall Paper

You can download the original wallpaper of RICCI EVERYDAY. We will deliver new wallpapers from time to time, so please look forward to it!

Please try to set it as a smartphone wallpaper.♪

Coupon (app -only coupon)

Click here for the best attention! You can download the app -only coupon from here.

( * The image is an example.)

Currently, we are distributing a 5%off coupon for shopping over 5,500 yen including tax, with the gratitude for downloading the application! You can use this in both showrooms and online shopping.

* Can be used until August 31 (Wed).

Please download the app and use a coupon.♪

・ Message

Click "Message" in the icon of the balloon at the bottom of the app screen to the notification screen. Here, we will deliver the hottest information and the latest information. Please take a look!


If you mark the "..." icon on the right, you can see the showroom information, Popup information, dealers, and your account information, order history, bag care method, FAQ, inquiry, email magazine registration. You can see it!

In addition, there is an icon mark on each SNS at the bottom of this page, so you can access the RICCI EVERYDAY SNS account!


How was the introduction of the RICCI EVERYDAY official app? !

At first, you may not get used to it, but please touch it!

We would like to deliver more and more application content in the future.

I hope everyone can enjoy shopping at RICCI EVERYDAY.♡

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