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hello. It is Tanigawa of RICCI EVERYDAY. Isn't there a lot of people who are about to start working after the tray is over? I have been eating only Japanese meals since I returned from Uganda in early August.


This time, we introduce SELECTED by C that arrived last Friday.

1. What is Selected by C?

2. Introduction of arrival products

3. in conclusion

1. What is Selected by C?


SELECTED by C (SBC) introduces various miscellaneous goods that representative Nakamoto purchased at Uganda's craft market and fly -day market. We have miscellaneous goods that can fully feel Uganda, such as accessories, objects, and pictures. Just incorporate one in fashion and interiors will surely feel better!

2. Introduction of arrival products


In the following, we will introduce some SBC products that arrived this time.From this pageYou can see all SBC stock items.

It is a limited time project until August 31, so please check it out!


 Paper beads volume necklace (tax included ¥ 7,920)

A necklace combined with paper beads and African plints made of paper. The length is adjusted.


Paper beads choker (tax included ¥ 4,070)

A necklace combined with paper beads and beads made of paper. It has wires and is easy to put on and take off.


Paper beads necklace (tax included ¥ 3,960)

A necklace combined with elongated paper beads and beads made of paper. Because it is large, it will be an accent of coordination.


 Barge Necklace (tax included ¥ 15,950)

A necklace using Berk Cross (natural bark), a special product of Uganda. Would you like to make a difference with your surroundings with a rare design like no other?


 Bargen Earrings (tax included ¥ 4,950)

Pierced piercings made of cow horns as motifs. It is a color that is easy to incorporate even in the coming season.


 Masai beads bracelet (tax included ¥ 3,080)

Bracelet made of Masai beads. It looks bright with colorful colors.


Masai bead collar (for dogs) (tax included ¥ 7,150)

Leather collar sewn with masai beads. Hime -chan, an idol of Uganda Kobo, is also attached. Can you get beads? Don't worry, it's sewn very well.



A pop picture that is modeled on local people by Uganda artist Kano. Would you like to imitate your room with a unique touch and coloring picture?



An object in the shape of a lion using Berk Cross (natural bark), a special product of Uganda. It is a rare pastel color for Uganda miscellaneous goods, so it is easy to incorporate into the interior.


African fan (tax included ¥ 3,960)

A rounded fan with African plint. When not in use, it can be folded compactly.


Kikoi Blanket (tax included ¥ 5,720)

A blanket made of Kikui, which is used as a woman's waist roll in East Africa, centered on Uganda. It has a very good touch and makes a relaxing time, such as a bed and sofa, can be improved.


Aroma candle (tax included ¥ 3,080)

Candles made from beeswaxed in Uganda and coconut oil. Wouldn't it be healed by the gentle scent and crackling sound of the fire?


 Colorful basket (tax included ¥ 4,950)

A carefully woven basket. You can put fruits and accessories, or put them on the wall as an interior. If you have one, you will surely play an active part in your house.



This is a flat mat. It can be used as one of the table coordination and as an interior item.


 Colorful beads (tax included ¥ 3,520)

An elephant object made with Kenya's traditional crafts, budding technology. Because it is small, you can put it in a small space.


 Bicycle object (tax included ¥ 3,190)

An object that represents the daily landscape of African people riding a bicycle. Behind is Matke (green banana) and some fruit? Is posted. In fact, it seems like a bigger luggage is put on ... (laughs)


African continent puzzle (tax included ¥ 1,980)

A puzzle in which all 54 countries on the African continent have become pieces. It seems difficult for adults ... why not try it?


Pald's Hirador Elephant (tax included ¥ 1,320)

A palm -sized elephant object made from African printing. Because it stands firmly, you can put it in various places.


 Mini Animal Bead Key Holder (tax included ¥ 880)

A key chain made of hippo made by wire and colorful beads. It is a size that is easy to attach to familiar items.


 Coin key chain (tax included ¥ 3,190)

A key chain with coins that were available in East Africa during the colonial era. It is an item that makes you feel the uniqueness of African.


Animal Africa Magnet -Gorilla- (tax included ¥ 880)

A gorilla magnet walking dignifiedly with the sunset of Uganda. How about one in the refrigerator or entrance door?

3. in conclusion


Until the end Thank you for reading.

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