Staff introduction vol.19

Hello, I'm Ishii from RICCI EVERYDAY.

This time, we will deliver the 19th staff introduction.

I am currently a fourth year college student, and since July, I have been involved in working as an intern for RICCI EVERYDAY.

I am studying clothing at university and majoring in textiles.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The trigger of knowing -RICCI EVERYDAY-

The first reason I learned was my mother.

In the net news that her mother found accidentally, she was impressed by the article that her representative Nakamoto launched a company supported by African single mother, but found a Popup store in my room. He was attracted to the colorful worldview of African plint.

So she told me, "I have such a wonderful brand."

-The reason for deciding to work-

I grew up at a mission school and was taught, "Please use my power for people."

Therefore, I wanted to do something for others.

I felt very attractive that it would help Uganda's single mother with the knowledge of the textiles and apparel I learned at university, so I applied for the internship.

-The business content that will be involved in the future-

I am mainly in charge of posting to Instagram and Facebook.

I would like to send it to everyone, such as introduction of Pickup products, Popup information, product arrival information, etc.

Please follow and see!

-RICCI EVERYDAY is an interesting item-

The items I am interested in areNaroho bagis.

Naroho bag is sure to be active in the coming season.

The origin of the word "naroho" means "peace" in Uganda's words.

And vivid African plints are used inside the bag. This design contains the feeling of "silent passion (hidden passion)".

Because it is a leather, it is an easy -to -use item for business scenes and everyday coordination.

later,Paper beads and colorful bagsIt is also one of the items you care about.

As the name suggests, we use beads made by cutting paper beads one by one.

Paper beads are lighter than normal beads and are better than they look, so they are perfect for going out!

In addition, it is easy to match with the scene used because it is rich in color variations.

Both were interesting because they were unknown materials as African products.

We have a lot of products that are not only African Textile, so please check it out.♪

-My boom-

1. Sa activity (sauna activity)

At first, I started going to the sauna in search of the trendy "adjustment", but now I have been captivated by the sauna.

I would like to introduce the health benefits of the sauna.

Entering the sauna and warming the body improves blood flow.

A better blood flow has the effect of improving coldness and improving muscle stiffness such as stiff shoulders.

And the sauna has a positive effect on sleep.

Repeating "sauna → water bath" stimulates parasympathetic nerves and makes it easier to relax. It can get a good sleep.

As a personal experience, I think that the skin condition is good the next day after entering the sauna.

The sauna when you are tired is exceptional!

Please try to live too♪

2. Hula

About six months ago, I started hula as a lesson.

This photo is a hula pau (skirt).

Hibiscus on the pau is said to be a "flower dedicated to God" in Hawaii and means a happy future and hope.

I think that Hawaii textiles often have meanings in the pattern, like African textiles.

The movement of the hula has the meaning of the lyrics, and it is interesting that you can share your feelings even if you do not understand the language.

I think that knowing a culture you don't know will lead to expanding your expression.

-Message to customers-

Until the end Thank you for reading!

We will tell you the charm of African Textile, so thank you.

Look at the product