NAWOLOVUApproaching the charm of new products and Berk Closote!

August is also mid -August ...

When I was in elementary school, I remembered the existence of homework for summer vacation from this time, and wrote this column while remembering that I was starting to do soasa.

Aside from that, this time, this column release date (8/19) has been newly arrived.Barkcloth ToteI would like to convey the charm of!



1.NAWOLOVUNew item

2. What is the meaning in the message?

3. Functional! Great success until autumn and winter!

Four. At the end

1. Naworovu new product

Naworovu is a lineup that makes use of the materials and craftsmanship of RICCI EVERYDAY.

In addition to the bark cross used in the tote bag introduced this time, we use five sustainable materials, including leather, paper beads, kiki, and baskets.

There are many stylish designs that are perfect for functionality!

If you are interested, by all meansNAWOLOVUpage ofPlease take a look!

Written by representative NakamotocolumnDetailed content is packed!

2. What is the meaning in the message?

NAWOLOVUI would like to introduce the characteristics of the new product Berkross.

First of all, it is no exaggeration to say that the material is unique.

The outside of the back is a material called Berk Cross, as the name suggests.

Isn't there a lot of people who heard the word Berk Cross for the first time?

Berk cross is a cloth -shaped material made of Mutuba tree skin called the "oldest cloth".

The craftsman peel the skin from the tree, boil the skin, then hit it with a hammer and spread it thinly.

It is a traditional technique registered as a world intangible heritage by craftsmanship!

It's a surprising technology! !

The inside is very good because the inside is used in Uganda's women's waist winding.

And what is worrisome is the character designed on the back side!


On the back side,


It is written, and when translated into Japanese

"If you start slowly, you can go far away. Chameleon will eventually reach the city."

is what it means.

This is one of Uganda's proverbs, and Naworovu comes from a chameleon, a part of this proverb.

It is such a back that gives the courage to take a step when you try something new or when you are a little depressed!

3. Functional! Great success until autumn and winter!

The new product Berk Closote is very functional.

In addition to the size of A4 size, there are plenty of towns, so you can use it in both offices and private.

In addition, the color is warm brown born from the material of wooden skin, so it will definitely be a big success until the fall and winter!

What kind of outfit do you want to enjoy with this Berk Clos Tote?

Four. At the end

Thank you for reading to the end.

Berk Closto that combines sustainable materials and Uganda craftsmanship.

I personally recommend it, so if you are interested, please.HerePlease check it out!

Look at the product