Recommended for empty -handed groups! Introducing paper beads and smartphone shoulders

Hello, this is Nakajima of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Since the temperature difference in the day is severe, it becomes a luggage, but recently I carry a cardigan. You may have more luggage, and your hands may be blocked and troubled. In such a case, the perfect item is the paper beads smartphone shoulder.

In this column, we will introduce such paper beads and smartphone shoulders.

table of contents

1. What is a paper beads and smartphone -shoulder?

2. Size and capacity

3. Coordination examples

4. Color variations

5. At the end

I would be happy if you could read it until the end.

1. What is a paper beads and smartphone -shoulder?

Paper beads smartphone shoulder (tax included ¥ 13,200)

Paper beads and smartphone shouldersA smartphone shoulder that combines colorful beads one by one by hand.

"Uganda's craftsmanship and sustainable ingredients are developed" developing items "NAWOLOVUIt is a line item.

Paper beads, one of Uganda's traditional crafts, are raw materials, are not plastic, but are made of recycled paper. As a waterproof measure, the beads are solidified each withwill. In addition, varnish uses eco -friendly ones.

The pattern is made with a combination of paper beads of different colors.

The point is that your hand is not closed because you can put your smartphone on your shoulder! Apart from the main bag, it is convenient to diagonally with this smartphone shoulder.

2. Size and capacity

The size is W14cm x H21cm x D3cm, and the total length of the strap is 100cm. Due to handmade, the size varies from individual to individual, but it is a size that can fit smartphones.

Smartphones are safe because the inside is cushioning.

3. Coordination examples

Paper beads smartphone shoulder featuring bright colors. It is very cute to prepare the colors with your clothes!

4. Color variations

Introducing all variations!

Jagged green & peppermint

Jagged turquoise & yellow

Jagged red & pink

Jagged light green & pink

Flower / pink

Flowers / yellow

Flowers / black



5. At the end

What did you think. Convenient and cute, sustainable paper beads and smartphone shoulders, please take this opportunity♪


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