A new product appears from that Gift from Trash! Introduction of Hope bag

Hello, this is Tanigawa of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Recently, the wind has become cool and it's getting easier.

By the way, this time, it will be released today from the new collection "Gift from Trash" released in September.Hope bagIs introduced.

1. What is Gift from Trash?

2. "Hope bag" material

3. Function / size / capacity

4. in conclusion

1. What is Gift from Trash?

GIFT from Trash is a collection of fabrics and old -fashioned denims that were released on 2nd of this month.

In recent years, mass production and mass consumption in the apparel industry are an issue. However, the clothes actually consumed are limited, and the rest are sold cheaply to developing countries. It is true that local people can buy clothes cheaply, but they are squeezing the local textile and sewing industry.

The same situation is happening in Uganda, where we do business.

This collection, with the desire to recognize that there is a fact that some kind of "good intentions" such as "effective use of surplus products" or "donations" are actually squeezing the life of someone in the world. I decided to create.

(that's all[Press release] New collection GIFT from Trash has been announcedMore excerpted)

2.「Hope bag"

Hope bags are made by connecting the African plinting hagilles that appeared during the product production process.

Depending on the hagile used, the atmosphere created by the bag is different.

The attached chain is also applied, adding more gorgeousness to the bag. Depending on how you put it on, it will also be a diagonal bag or shoulder!

Berkross, a special product of Uganda, on both ends of the cover (Clothed material made of Mutuba tree skinBeIt is called "oldest cloth")Piping is applied.

The cow horn (cowhorn) is used for the fastening part, and it is a tightening of the bag.

The inside of the bag is used. Kiki has a good touch and gently protects luggage.


2.Function / size / capacity

There is a zipper pocket inside, so you can store important things without eliminating them.

The size is W21.5cm x H19cm x D8cm, and the length of the chain is 130cm in length. It looks compact, but can also store long wallets.

3. in conclusion

Thank you for reading until the end. How was the "Hope bag"?

There is no doubt that you will feel better if you put one point in the season when the color of the clothes calms down!

In the showroom, you can actually try it. The reservation for visitsHerefrom.online storeBut you can see it.

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