I did not know! The charm of shoulder kin -chak

hello. This is the day of RICCI EVERYDAY.

It was a hot day, but next week it seems to be a little break in the hot summer due to the continuation of the rain. I wish I could see the rainbow after the rain.

By the way, the items introduced this time are ""Shoulder kinkichak"is.

Shoulder Kink Chak/ ¥ 3,520 (tax included)

A convenient shoulder kinky chak that can be used for both pouches and bags. Based on the impressions received from customers at the store, we will deliver plenty of charm!

1. Specifications and usage

2. Color variations

3. At the end

1. Specifications and usage

The size of the shoulder kin -chak is W30cm x H28cm, like a square. The A4 size vertical length is 29.7cm, so you can put A4 size files perfectly.

When putting a large thing, it is better to hold it in a square bag, not like a drawstring.

If you have a square, it is fashionable and cute to hold it on one shoulder!

The weight is about 100g, half of the tomatoes. light! (As an aside, it is 2-3 if you compare it with cabbage leaves. Did the lightness convey it? Lol)

The customer who purchased it at the store was surprised at the lightness when he first picked it up! It is one of the charms of shoulder kin -chak.


Classic style diagonal. It is 100 % cotton and soft and easy to fold, so if you keep it in a bag and shop, if you hold it as a diagonal bag, it will be easy because both hands will be empty.


Once you put the string inside, it will be a complete kin -cha pouch. It is fashionable even if you hold it as a trendy kin -chaku bag.

A cloth is also applied to the tip of the king chaku string, and the details are packed.

Bag -in bags, lunch boxes, sweets, carry -on diapers, etc.

Customers who have purchased the other day can be folded in half when putting small things and changing the shape! You said. Is it true that it can be folded in half! And I was able to find a new usage.

2. Color variations

I've talked for a long time, but I think it's a place to worry about the pattern! Here are some of the patterns scheduled to be arrived this week.


Large and impactful "flowers and crosses"


"Purple of tiles" with impressive colors

In addition, attractive patterns will be available, so please look forward to it!

3. At the end

Until the end Thank you for reading. I would be glad if the charm of the shoulder kin -chak was transmitted.

The online store has other than the pattern introduced this time, so "Shoulder pouchPlease check it out.

Next time, "RICCI EVERYDAY and Sustainability" will introduce initiatives on environmental issues in Taiwan. Please look forward to this too!

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