Cloth Marche is being held! New patterns are also available!


hello. I'm Sasaki of RICCI EVERYDAY.

The hot and humid days continue every day. August has just begun, but I can't wait for the cool autumn.

This time, we will introduce some patterns sold at the currently being held. New patterns will be available on Friday, so look forward to it!

1. Circle circle

2. Fan

3. Waves of tile

Four. Broom

Five. bonus

1. Circle circle

Introduced in the online storeCircle Circle -Pink & Yellow--In addition, a new circle circle -green & green- will appear!



Circle circles are also called handcuffs.

The atmosphere changes depending on the color!

It is also a popular pattern in RICCI EVERYDAY.

2. Fan

It is a new pattern that will arrive on the 13th.

Doesn't it look like a hand -associated pattern? It is a calm shade and looks not only in the bag but also in interior items.

3. Waves of tile

My recommended pattern. At first glance it may look flashy, but if you match it, it fits anyway!

It is also recommended for blindfold curtains and shelves.

There is no doubt that the room will be bright at once.

Four. Broom

Broom featuring bright yellow -green·green。 The feature is that the pattern shines no matter what you make, such as clothes, bags, and pouches.

How was it?

African plastic fabric can be purchased at an online store / Daikanyama directly managed store. (1250 yen + tax ~)

Five. bonus

・ 50㎝ is a little long

・ I want to enjoy various patterns little by little at once

For such people, we recommend a workshop kit or a hagle set that is sold exclusively for Daikanyama direct stores!

There are 20 cm x 20cm cloth, 5 in the workshop kit, and 10 on the hagirle set.


Please check this out too.

Now that you can't go out, why don't you enjoy the handmade time surrounded by colorful cloth?

Cloth Marche will be held until August 31st.

African plastic fabricHere

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