Uganda creator's talent explodes! Cute crafts are available! -Selected by c-

good evening everyone. I'm Chitsu Nakamoto, representative of RICCI EVERYDAY.

I returned from Uganda the other day. In the local area, the rock down started again, and it was a hard time that I was not able to freedom ...

This time, through Instagram, I bought my excitement in real time, and bought it while listening to your wishes. May your daily life be exciting with the brightness of the craft!

* All prices include tax.

1. Switching lion: 2,970 yen

Teddy Bear's lion version! Is not it. It is a stuffed lion with a lovely sitting figure. It is made with African plastic (also a tagami).


2. Colorful Beads Animal: 3,520 yen

An object made with Booding Technology, a traditional Kenya craft. The hippopotamus that opened the mouth is exactly the same. It is an expression that can not be said to be made by winding the wire.

Colorful beads will brighten the atmosphere of the room.



3. Bargen Roll Charm: 2,750 yen / Bargen Roll Charm with Colorful Ball: 3,960 yen / Barge Necklace: 15,950 yen

A charm using Berk Cross (natural bark), a special product of Uganda. Berk Cross is said to be the oldest cloth in the world, and its production process is registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

The Barge Charm is a colorful white bark cross, and wraps around and rolled up. Balungi Uganda, a brand, creative director Eva Menbaruja.

This charm, which is a eye -catching design, becomes an accent when attached to a bag or pouch, and the items you have are more gorgeous.



Four. Colorful basket: 4,950 yen

Colorful basket, woven one by one with Uganda women. Good even if you put it on the table as a fruit container to put oranges, or use it as a accessory case for organizing small items.

Even if you hang it on the wall as an interior, the room will be brighter.


Five. Good Glass: 2,640 yen

Uganda craftsmen uploaded a bottle that will be discarded, such as wine bottles. It is a stylish item that can be used not only as a small flower base, but also as a pen stand and makeup brush stand.

Even if you leave it as an interior, the atmosphere of the room will be stylish at once.




6. Wire Art Bike: 2,860 yen

A bicycle object made of wire and bottle caps. Fine parts such as saddles and brakes are also carefully made.

Tires and pedals rotate like real. Colorful bottle caps are displayed on the bicycle body and tires.

It is such a playful wire art that makes you want to go somewhere on this bicycle.



7. Ugandan Girl object (standing / sitting): 1,980 yen

An object that produced a local African woman. It is made using Uganda's traditional cloth chikoi hagire.The body is made of wire, so the movement is full of dynamism. Also pay attention to the expression of her face.



8.Ugandan Message Card: 380 yen

A message card depicting local people who live in Uganda, Jenny Stratern, a Uganda artist. You can get a glimpse of Uganda's real life. It is characterized by a gentle touch and a bright color combination that represents the colorful scenery of Uganda.

It is recommended not only to use it as a message card for a distant family, friends, and loved ones, but also to decorate the wall as one picture.



How was it. I bought various crafts this time, but all of them were elaborate. I was choosing, and my tension was rising all the time.


I will continue to discover new crafts every time I travel. Please look forward to Selected by C.

May your daily life be bright and fun!

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