Introduction of relaxation pants & abudavi gather skirts (new patterns)

Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

The sweltering heat continues, but how are you all going?

I'm cool at home while watching the Olympics ...

Speaking of the Olympics, the costumes at the opening ceremony of African players were colorful and very nice! After all African plint is cool!

So, this time, we introduce African -printed clothes.

Relaxed in May and very popular, Relaxing Pants and Abu Dhabi Gather skirts will be available on the online store on the 6th (Friday).

Both are bright patterns perfect for summer and cool materials, especially recommended at this time!

1. Relaxing pants

2. Abu Dhabi Gather / Skirt

3. At the end

1. Rilak Spants / ¥ 16,500 (tax included)


Pants with an impressive hem width. The shape is straight, and it can be used casually and cleanly depending on what you wear in the tops.

The point is to wear it in the hem length that can be on the ground. By doing so, the legs look long.

The waist is refreshing, so the line when you wear it is very beautiful.



The waist part is rubber, so you can wear it for a long time.

In addition, the hem width is wide, so the ease of movement is outstanding.

It's a nice point with a pocket!

2. Abu Dhabi Gather Skirt / ¥ 19,800 (tax included)


Abu Dhabi Gather skirt featuring flare silhouette.

Since the length is different between the front and back, it will show your feet neatly.


You can also change the length not only before and after, but also on the left and right!

The asymmetric design will show you a refreshing waist.


The waist is also made of rubber, so you can wear it comfortably at home without tightening.

With a nice pocket here!


Combine T -shirts and sleeveless cut -and -sews to create a casual style.

When you combine a shirt or blouse, it will be a beautiful style.

It is a perfect item for one point of coordination!


3. At the end

What did you think?

Both clothes are recommended because they are stylish and comfortable.

African plint is a material worn in hot areas, so it's cool and perfect for summer!

Relaxing pants and Abu Dhabi Gather skirts are on Friday, 6thonline storeIt will arrive.

You can try it on and purchase from the 7th (Saturday) at Daikanyama directly managed stores. If you want to see the actual size and texture, please come.

Then, look forward to the next new item introduction!

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