Introduction of shoulder pouch

Hello everyone. I'm Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Hot days continue, how are you spending? It's finally summer! The days when I can't go out as I want, but ... let's excite the summer spirit with African printing!

This time, we will introduce the new items of the online store "Shoulder pouch"is.

Shoulder pouch / ¥ 3,080 (tax included)

RICCI EVERYDAY's hidden popular product, shoulder pouch. I will tell you plenty of that charm!

1. Specifications and usage

2. Color variations

3. At the end

1. Specifications and usage


A colon -shaped pouch with a width of 13cm x 11cm in height x 8cm gusset, and a shoulder strap.

It is just the right size to carry a small wallet, lip, handkerchief, etc.

It's perfect for days when you have a small luggage or a little ...

Because it is a small size bag, it may be easy for beginners of African plints to incorporate coordination.

The shoulder strap is removable. By tying it through the walnuts of the porch's horizontal ring, it can be used as a pochette.

There is no bracket, etc., so you can easily adjust the length by tying the string, so it can be used by children from children to adults.

There is a cushion in the porch itself, and it is fluffy and comfortable! It protects the things inside.

When removing the shoulder strap and using it as a porch, you can also keep small items around your PCs such as adapters and USB in addition to cosmetics and hygiene supplies.

If you put the shoulder strap on the bag, you can use it as a bag -in -bag.

It's nice to go out with a shoulder pouch at lunchtime, put it in a commuting bag.

2. Color variations

Then, I would like to show you a little bit of the pattern of the shoulder porch that arrived this time!


"Paradise" featuring a calm color


Pop and humorous "Socket Yellow"


"Uroko Ao" with a bright and casual impression

Did you have a favorite pattern?

Because it is a small size, you can choose a drastic color and pattern that you do not usually choose!

3. At the end

How was this new item introduction?

The shoulder porch is recommended for those who want to incorporate African prints into coordination casually!

In addition, since it is a design that is easy for everyone to use, it is a very many products that are selected as gifts.

The online store still has colors and patterns other than introduced in the column, so "New item"mosquito"Shoulder pouchPlease check it out from.

Then, look forward to the next new item introduction!

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